How to Use Benchmarks

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To access WorkTango’s Benchmarks, you first need to conduct a survey that includes benchmarked questions.  To simplify the process of identifying benchmarkable survey questions, they’re marked with a "B" next to each question in the survey builder page. This way, you can easily spot which questions can be compared to WorkTango’s Benchmarks while building your survey. 


Once responses have been submitted and the survey has closed, follow the steps outlined below to compare your survey results to WorkTango’s Benchmarks. 

  1. From the main “Surveys” tab in the left navigation, select the survey you would like to analyze and click “View Reports''.
  2. From there, navigate to the “Analyze” tab and click the “Questions'' toggle to view a breakdown of your survey results by question.
  3. Select the “Distribution” tab to view favorable, unfavorable and neutral responses together, or select the “Score” tab to view the percentage of favorable responses in isolation. 
    • WorkTango’s recommendation is to view benchmarks through the “Distribution” tab, as outlined in the image below. 

  1. From here, navigate to and click the “Compare With” dropdown menu at the top right of the page.
    • This will bring up all the benchmarkable data that is available for comparison. 
  2. Select the Benchmark from which you would like to compare your survey results to.  
  3. Once a Benchmark has been selected, the page will automatically compare your survey question results to all available Benchmarks in that category. This information is shown as a percentage difference under the “Compare With” column.
    •  If the score on your question is lower than the Benchmark, it will display a negative figure with an orange bar. If it’s above the Benchmark, a positive percentage will be shown with a light blue bar.  
    • The n value represents the number of companies used to compile the Benchmark value for that question and is displayed beside the score. 
  4. Now you can view how each of your survey questions compare to WorkTango’s Benchmarks. 

If you’ve conducted a survey in 2022 with questions that are now benchmarked, you can compare them to current Benchmark data in the platform. Simply follow the steps outlined above for your previously conducted survey and you can compare your past survey questions to WorkTango’s Benchmark. 

Now that you’re armed with insights on how the sentiment of your employees compares to other world-class organizations, what do you do about it? When identifying areas of opportunity, WorkTango recommends focusing on the following:

  • Celebrating your top scoring questions
  • Addressing the bottom 3 scoring questions 
  • Reviewing your largest neutral scores
  • Reflecting on why a question might be performing above or below benchmark

For more information on how to analyze and act on survey results, check out How to analyze and act on survey results. Or, if you want information on how to create Action Plans for leaders with recommended actions based on the survey results from their team, check out Action Planning.

For more information on enabling Benchmarks, see Intro WorkTango Benchmarks & Benchmark Calculations. For additional information on available Benchmarks and best practices, see Available Benchmarks & Best Practices.

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