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Once your employee population has completed a survey, the next step to analyze sentiment is to engage your people leaders. Involving leaders in the survey analysis process is proven to demonstrate commitment, to help employees feel that their voices are being heard, and to create accountability.

The Learning to Tango education series is designed to teach people leaders how to use Surveys & Insights tool to effectively interpret survey results and action accordingly. Through short, engaging videos and practical exercises, your team members will be empowered to lean into their survey results in less than an hour.

Using Learning to Tango Education Series

  1. Add people leaders to the platform by following this guide through roles or custom permissions. In determining your access strategy, consider your anonymity threshold and team sizes across your organization. Those with enough responses to meet or surpass the anonymity threshold will generally be able to see survey results.
  2. Share this email with your people leaders so they understand the why behind this training. The email contains the links for the article containing all the videos and the offline worksheet (also attached to this article).
  3. Follow up with your leaders upon completion of Learning to Tango to review their understanding, observe their action planning, and align on next steps.

Things to consider:

  • Safe-listing/restrictions - if your organization restricts the access of these sites/documents. Please contact
  • The permissions set by the organization may impact what videos are relevant to the user. These are generally identified with *If Applicable*
  • If your organization chooses to utilize and share only the videos - utilize the links found in the Worksheet.

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