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Unlock WorkTango's full potential with our bite-sized tutorial videos. Enrich your knowledge with our comprehensive library of self-help resources covering our platform features.

Please visit this page for tutorial videos related to employee functions: Bite-Sized Employee Video Library

Admin Videos

Video Name/Purpose


Admin Reports
Admin Dashboards
Platform Design Options

Create an Incentive (Legacy)*

Create an Incentive

Create an Incentives Catalog
Incentives Templates
Moderating Incentives (Legacy)*
Moderating Incentives (Admin)
Create a Custom Reward
Create a Point Pool
Moderating Rewards
Activity Moderation

Create a Nomination Form
How to Select Nomination Winners
Ad Hoc Special Recognitions
How to Pin a Recognition
Birthday & Anniversary Special Recognitions

Points History
Upgrading to the New User Management
User Management: How to Add/Edit Users


*Any resources indicated with (Legacy) include information on our legacy Incentives features.

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