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As part of Special Recognition, companies may opt to create catalogs where items can only be redeemed via Tokens. Catalogs & Tokens provide a framework for managing special programs within the WorkTango platform, allowing these programs to coexist with your current Points reward program, all while keeping reward options (and reporting) separate.

Catalogs & Tokens are a completely optional facet of Special Recognition.
You can use Special Recognition without introducing Catalogs & Tokens into your platform.

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Setting up Catalogs & Tokens

If you are interested in setting up Catalogs & Tokens, please fill in the WorkTango Token Creation Request template in order to provide the details of your request. Then, reach out to our Customer Support team (

Once our team has all of the required information, we'll create your tokens and the associated catalogs for you. When completed, you will be able to send the tokens via Special Recognition.

Employees will not see tokens unless they are given one via Special Recognition.

Token Properties

Tokens are a one-time use reward that can be used to redeem a single item within the gift card and/or merchandise catalogs. The value range of any given token will limit the items available to only those that fall within that range.

For example, if a user is redeeming a token with a value range of $250 - $500 in the gift card catalog, only gift cards with values in that range will be shown as available options. Some gift card brands may have a max redeemable amount of $250, so a user may choose to redeem a reward well below the max token value. Tokens cannot be combined with other tokens (even of the same kind) in order to "increase" their value range. Only one token can be used per item order.

When determining your token value range, head to the Rewards Marketplace and set the values via the Filter By Value option on the left. This will allow you to confirm if the value range will provide an ample variety of options for the employee to choose from that are fitting for the token.

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Accessing and Sending Tokens

Once our Support team have established your tokens, you will be able to access and send them in your platform. To view your tokens, access the admin dashboard, then click "Catalogs & Tokens" via the left navigation.

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You will be taken to a page featuring all of your organization's tokens. From this page, you can:

  • View both active and archived tokens
  • Click "Go to redemption reports" for a shortcut to reporting
  • Click "Archive" on any token to archive it

Archiving Tokens

You may archive (and unarchive) tokens at any time.

Archiving prevents the distribution of future tokens, but does not take away an employee's ability to spend a token if they already have one. This allows you to discontinue a program without penalizing employees who already have tokens in their wallet.

If you attempt to archive a token that is currently a part of a milestone rule, you will get an error message like the one shown here.

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Simply navigate back to the milestone rule and detach the token to proceed. You may either cancel the milestone entirely, or replace the token with a different currency.


Token data is available within a Redemptions report as well as Taxable Redemptions by Employee and Taxable Total Redemptions if the platform tax settings are being utilized.

Tokens are always considered Taxable.


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