“Low Adoption Antidote Kit” for R&R Admins

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Facing low WorkTango adoption rates? Launching a new Recognition & Rewards program can be exciting, but keeping users engaged over time requires ongoing effort. Whether you're starting fresh or simply need to reignite enthusiasm within your employee base, this article outlines a few best practices to boost WorkTango platform adoption (with minimal extra work on your part 😛). 

This article explores key strategies across five critical areas:


Incorporate WorkTango into New Hire Onboarding to drive adoption from Day 1


Educate employees on what effective Recognition looks like


Consolidate Announcements, Awards & Nominations into WorkTango to give employees additional reasons to log in  


Incentivize key company and compliance initiatives within WorkTango to increase participation


Use Reports to identify team members with low engagement & conduct targeted outreach


1. Incorporate WorkTango into New Hire Onboarding to drive adoption from Day 1

Establishing company norms and expectations early on around where, how, and to whom employees should give recognition  is crucial for your  R&R program's long-term success. Add a module or slides explaining what WorkTango is and how to use WorkTango into your existing company onboarding curriculum, and watch your employee adoption rates climb. If you aren’t sure what to include in an onboarding module, utilize some of the suggestions below:

Empower new leaders and managers from the start on how to make the most of WorkTango to ensure their direct reports are always seen, valued and recognized. WorkTango offers dedicated admin training sessions and resources to ensure leaders understand the platform and its functionalities, so assign new managers videos or articles to consume to get them up to speed. 

  • Enablement videos:

Send employees a video tutorial welcoming them to WorkTango. The video covers all Recognition & Rewards features and functionality, and provides a great overview of what is possible within the platform.

  • Mobile app awareness:

Some employees may find mobile to be a more appropriate medium than using a computer. Make sure to highlight the WorkTango mobile app as an alternative access point to the platform to promote greater flexibility and on-the-go recognition.


Post-Launch / Post-Onboarding

  • Check back in:

Post launch, check a User Activity Summary report to gain a picture of which employees are or are not engaging with the platform.

  • Non-active user emails:

Re-invite users with no activity in the last 90 days to encourage more participation.

2. Educate employees on what effective Recognition looks like

Building a culture of appreciation doesn't happen overnight. To maximize the ROI from your WorkTango program, your employees will need to send consistent, effective recognition within the platform. Frequent  recognition, for accomplishments and milestones both big and small, creates a more engaged workforce. When employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions, they're more likely to be productive, satisfied, and loyal to their organization.  However, many employees aren’t sure where to start when it comes to crafting a meaningful Recognition. Demonstrate what “good looks like” to help employees participate in a meaningful way.

  • Highlight effective recognition strategies:

Train employees and managers on the importance of giving Specific, Meaningful, and Timely (SMT) recognition. Provide examples and best practices to encourage recognitions that are impactful and aligned with company values.

  • Share exemplary Recognitions:

Spotlight exemplary recognitions during company meetings to amplify their impact, and prompt employees who might not have logged in for a while to jump back into the platform and send their own recognition. Check out this case study to learn how WorkTango customers use the Recognition platform to celebrate employees at company meetings and showcase Recognitions across multiple channels.

  • In-office Recognition displays:

Consider displaying Recognition feeds on your Intranet, or on TV monitors in your office locations, to further amplify Recognitions. You can also pin special Recognitions to your activity feed.

  • Integrate WorkTango into Slack/Teams:

Increase Recognition visibility by integrating WorkTango with your communication platform. Some employees may not remember to log into WorkTango, but if Recognitions pop up in a dedicated feed in Slack, they may be more likely to read them and participate in their daily flow of work. If employees are constantly exposed to exemplary Recognitions via Slack, they will likely end up sending a few themselves.


3. Consolidate Announcements, Awards & Nominations into WorkTango to give employees additional reasons to log in

Although WorkTango is primarily a Recognition & Rewards platform, it also has numerous features designed to make it easier for HR administrators to communicate with employees en masse and run nomination and award programs directly within the platform. After all, if employees are already going into WorkTango each week to recognize their colleagues and/or redeem points, why not encourage them to also log in for annual Company Awards or to view Announcements? Diversifying the use case for WorkTango beyond just Recognition will provide additional reasons for employees to log in. This will boost overall company adoption and engagement. 

  • Nominations & Awards:

    Utilize the Company Nominations & Awards within WorkTango to recognize outstanding contributions of employees throughout the year. Promote these special initiatives through clear communication to employees to ensure that everyone understands the nomination criteria and how to participate within the platform. Learn from other WorkTango customers on how they leverage Nominations & Awards to drive platform engagement.

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  • Ongoing reminders and announcements:

Rather than sending emails to employees about upcoming Award Nomination periods or end-of-quarter Point Refreshes, utilize the built-in functionality that already exists within WorkTango. Use the Announcements feature to easily create and schedule announcements regarding company initiatives, reminders, upcoming events, or any other important information directly within the platform. Doing so keeps inboxes clear, and provides yet another reason for employees to log in.

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  • Recognition program updates:

Notify employees about new WorkTango features, or provide training resources right within the platform homepage.

  • Recognition program evolution:

Learn how other companies leverage the platform's flexibility to tailor recognition programs to their unique needs. This can inspire employees to engage more regularly in the platform and drive more meaningful recognition.


4. Incentivize key company and training initiatives within WorkTango to increase participation

Sometimes educating employees and encouraging them to participate in company programs simply isn’t sufficient to drive compliance. Incentives may be needed to drive desired actions. For key initiatives that are timely or very important, you can utilize Incentives within WorkTango to turn these actions into achievable challenges and rewarding employees for prompt completion. Here's how:

  • Keep your Incentives catalog fresh:

Schedule new incentives monthly to generate ongoing excitement and encourage continued participation from your employees. Here are some categories to get you started:

      • Starter pack
      • Community
      • Company objectives
      • Giving back
      • Learning & development
      • Onboarding
      • Sustainability
      • Wellness

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 10.56.27 AM.png

  • Align Incentives with ERGs or L&D:

Integrate incentives with company initiatives, such as completing training, being a mentor, completing IDP, or participating in an ERG, to encourage employees to participate in building a cohesive and respectful culture.

  • Don’t be afraid to segment Incentives:

Create location, department, or team-specific incentives to cater to diverse interests and subcultures within your organization and encourage actions from subsets of your employee population. See how other WorkTango customers utilized segmented incentives and friendly competition within the platform to drive manager participation. Plus- did you know that anyone can program Incentives? Our advanced flexibility and permissioning allows you to choose who can manage catalog user access, add or edit Incentives within the catalog, or moderate claims.

  • Incentivize training, development, and compliance:

Reward employees for completing training programs, required compliance modules, or certifications. See how other WorkTango customers boost employee engagement in compliance training by reading this case study. 

  • Boost employee wellness with targeted Incentives: 

Incentivize healthy habits and promote employee well-being by offering rewards for participation in wellness programs.

  • Use tailored Incentives that align with your business goals:

Create a program that reinforces your company's values and strategic objectives. Offer Incentives that encourage actions that directly contribute to your success, such as completing a quarterly goal or or implementing a cost-saving process.

  • Reward platform engagement:

Incentivize employees to complete their WorkTango profile details and send their first recognition. This Incentive jumpstarts platform adoption and reinforces positive actions.

5. Use Reports to identify team members with low engagement & conduct targeted outreach

At the end of the day, some employees will always be harder to engage. To figure out where to concentrate your efforts, however, utilize WorkTango’s dashboards and reporting tools to monitor engagement levels across specific departments and teams. WorkTango’s reports capture user engagement and recognition trends. Once you or other leaders at your organization have zeroed in on folks with lower engagement, conduct targeted email, survey, or Slack outreach to try to diagnose any potential issues and help ensure everyone feels part of the culture.

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