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Managers are the cornerstone of any successful Recognition & Rewards platform. Research has overwhelmingly demonstrated that highly engaged managers result in engaged direct reports as well. In an effort to foster this cascading engagement, this article shows you where to find the answers to common questions a manager may find themselves asking when navigating WorkTango.

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How do I send effective Recognition?

Here at WorkTango, we've developed a formula to ensure folks send effective recognition posts. Always remember SMT: Specific, Timely, and Meaningful! When you draft a recognition post, remember to:

  • Make it Specific: Note the specific actions or achievements that warrant recognition. 
  • Make it Meaningful: Share the significance of the accomplishment to reinforce the alignment of individual efforts with broader organizational goals.
  • Make it Timely: Timely recognitions are celebrated in the moment, rather than weeks later when focus has shifted.

Bonus - Make it consistent: Over time, consistent recognition creates a culture of recognition. It becomes second nature within your organization's culture and platform.

How can I ensure equity when recognizing my team?

As a manager, you should try to ensure that each of your direct reports feel their work is appreciated. Lack of recognition can lead to a discouraged employee, especially if they note that their fellow teammates receive regular praise, but not them. To ensure you recognize your team in an equitable fashion, utilize your Team Overview Recognition Dashboard:

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The table contained in the Team Overview Recognition Dashboard provides a clear view into recognition activity for each employee in your reporting chain, including the number of days passed since you last sent a recognition to each person. From the example above, it's clear that the manager has been doing a great job recognizing two of their direct reports, but it's also evident that one of their employees is overdue for a recognition.

Regular visits to your Team Overview Recognition Dashboard can help ensure that your recognitions are never leaning too heavily towards one individual over another. Try to avoid having any red cells. A cell will turn red once it has been 30 days or more since an action has been taken. If you see red cells when you visit the dashboard, make sure to send those individuals a Recognition!

Who are my most engaged employees?

Discovering who your most engaged employees are can be a great way to surface peer advocates for the WorkTango platform. It can also help inform potential promotions, increases in responsibilities, and more. This engagement information can also be found via your Team Overview Recognition Dashboard by scrolling down and locating this chart:

Recognitions Sent and Received.pngWithin this chart, you can view how many days have passed since each employee has sent/received a recognition, along with the volume for each over the past 90 days. By using this table, it becomes easy to identify which individuals have been most engaged over the past 90 days.

Once you've identified your most engaged employees, ensure this is acknowledged so they continue to utilize the platform and remain highly engaged. These engaged employees can also serve as great sources for ideas that can help the rest of the team become equally engaged.

Who are my least engaged employees?

While it's useful to know who your most engaged employees are, it is even more vital to identify who your least engaged employees are and diagnose the source of this lack of engagement. Luckily, the same chart we just reviewed can provide this data as well:

Recognitions Sent and Received copy.png

Now that you know which individuals are the least engaged within the platform, it is time to uncover the whys.

  • Does my team know why our organization invested in WorkTango?
  • Does my team understand the importance of sending recognition to celebrate great work?
  • Have I ensured that all of my team members have been able to access the platform?
  • Is my team aware of the WorkTango mobile app?
  • Am I leading by example (meaning, am I regularly logging in and sending my team members recognition)?

These are all important questions to consider in order to increase engagement for your entire team. It's highly recommended to incorporate a "Recognition of the Week" during your team meetings to highlight recent peer-to-peer praise and keep the platform top of mind.

Discuss the platform during your 1:1s with less engaged individuals. 1:1 meetings represent a prime opportunity to reiterate the benefits of the platform and encourage them to use their voice to recognize the people they work with every day. In some situations, it may be as simple as an access issue you as their manager can assist with rectifying.

What Reports should I pull to become a more effective leader?

Data is vital in everything that we do, so knowing which reports you should generate regularly and keep track of is important. As a manager in WorkTango, you have access to a variety of reports that are pre-filtered to only include activity that involves those in your reporting chain. Here we'll highlight four reports that most leaders will find useful:

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  1. Recognition Senders
    • If there's one report for a manager to generate each month, it is this one. This report provides a ranking of those in your reporting chain based on the number of posts sent, allowing you to analyze this activity and adjust your strategy as needed.
      • How often should a manager generate this report: Monthly and/or at least quarterly
      • Use this report to: Document your reporting chain's ranks in recognition sending
  2. User Activity Summary
    • As the name suggests, this report provides a summary of point balances as well as points sent/received by each person. The Total Logins column provides additional context for how often individuals are logging back into the platform.
      • How often should a manager generate this report: Monthly and/or at least quarterly
      • Use this report to: Document Point Balances and Login counts
  3. Recognition Core Values
    • Core Values are important to many organizations. This report provides an avenue for discovering which core values are being sent most, including which individuals most frequently sent recognition with each core value, along with the associated recognition messages.
      • How often should a manager generate this report: Quarterly
      • Use this report to: Determine the most utilized Core Values for your reporting chain
  4. Recognition Skills
    • This report provides the same data as its Core Values counterpart, but tracks Skills instead. While Core Values are assigned at the admin level and are usually limited to a handful, Skills can be anything the sender wants to include as a part of their recognition. This provides much more variety and can therefore clue you into what matters to those in your reporting chain. 
      • How often should a manager generate this report: Quarterly
      • Use this report to: Determine the most popular Skills for your reporting chain

Set some time aside once a quarter to review your manager Dashboards & Reports. Leverage the insights gained from your Team Overview Recognition Dashboard and Reports to shape your approach as a manager in WorkTango.

How do I understand my team’s actions and the impact they have on the rest of the org?

While it's important to be conscious of the role you play as a manager, it is also vital to take a step back and understand how your team's actions play into the bigger picture. The best way to accomplish this is by keeping a finger on the pulse of activity within WorkTango involving those in your reporting chain. By using the Activity Feed Filter options, you can customize your view of the Activity Feed to limit it to only include posts that involve your direct reports, or your reporting chain. You are now primed to witness your team's recognition activity as it happens in the platform.

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In addition to curating your view of the activity feed, consider “following” your direct reports/reporting chain and enable the corresponding notification settings to ensure you’re the first to hear about the amazing impact your team is having for the organization. Not sure how to “follow” your team? Check out the Manager Tips & Tricks video in the next section!

Review this curated Activity Feed whenever you have a chance and consider setting aside some dedicated time to accomplish this action. Reviewing posts involving your team can reveal the impact they are having on the organization that may not necessarily be captured via data.

Is there a small, yet effective collection of five bite-sized videos that I can watch to understand even more ways to be an effective leader in WorkTango?

Well that's a very oddly specific question but, yes! Click on the videos below to learn more!


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