04 19 2024 Product Release

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This April product release is focused on new features that help your organization and its leaders effortlessly collect, analyze and act on employee survey feedback and insights. We’re making it easier than ever for you to access more employee insights for more informed actions.


Effortlessly deploy employee surveys built on best practices with new Survey Templates

To help lessen the effort involved with creating and deploying new surveys, WorkTango has added preconfigured Survey Templates to the platform.

These templates are built on best practices and recommendations from I&O Psychologists, to make it easier than ever to ask the right questions and get meaningful responses. Two Annual Engagement Survey templates are available today, but stay tuned for additional templates in the coming months. 

Access best practices, admin tools & live support chat via new Support Portal 

Newsflash: we’ve launched a new and improved Support Portal to help you maximize WorkTango’s value.

The new Portal contains admin resources, How-To Articles, bite-sized videos, Manager Tools, Live Support Chat, the ability to log Support Tickets, and more. Make sure to update your saved bookmarks with the new Support Portal link

Supported browser changes & DocSend link deprecation

WorkTango will no longer Support Internet Explorer 11 as of April 30th.

WorkTango will also be retiring its legacy DocSend links on April 30th. Admin Guides used to be hosted in DocSend, but are now hosted in the Support Portal.

Please make sure to update any old bookmarked links you may have saved to the new WorkTango Support Portal instead.


Register for our WorkTango Unwrapped: What’s New Webinar

We invite you to join us for an exclusive customer webinar on April 30 at 3pm ET, where we will dive deeper into how Survey Templates and the new features within our Recognition & Rewards product will help you save time and manage your program more effectively. Leave this event equipped with best practices and the knowledge you need to help deliver an extraordinary employee experience.


What's Next

Stay up to date with all the exciting features we're releasing, get a sneak peek of what's on the horizon, and make your voice heard by exploring the innovative and interactive WorkTango Product Roadmap.

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