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WorkTango Unwrapped: February Releases

Employee Appreciation Day may be coming up fast on March 1, but WorkTango admins like you deserve to be celebrated every day. In honor of WorkTango Admin Appreciation Month, today we launched a few new features and enhancements designed to make your platform administrative experience easier and more efficient.


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Platform role management that’s easier than ever

To help lessen the workload of busy platform admins like you, WorkTango has enabled managing platform user roles via a column in the Employee File. 


This new column helps companies with complex management structures that change frequently to more easily keep employee permissions up-to-date.


Admins are now able to indicate any necessary changes to permissions for a user from right within the Employee File. Uploading the Employee File to the platform will instantly and automatically change the permissions.

Are you using engagement survey question benchmarks yet?

Reminder: self-serve engagement question benchmarks are now available within the WorkTango Surveys & Insights platform. Use benchmarks to pinpoint company strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement relative to other organizations of similar size, industry, and other segments. View the aggregate number of companies used to generate the Benchmark by looking for the “n =” notation within the platform.

WorkTango will continue to improve our benchmarking capabilities by adding additional question benchmarks in future product releases.


What's next

Stay up to date with all the exciting features we're releasing, get a sneak peek of what's on the horizon, and make your voice heard by exploring the innovative and interactive WorkTango Product Roadmap.

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