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The driving force behind any organization's success lies in their ability to make data-driven decisions. WorkTango’s Benchmarks are a powerful tool to support your business with this by contextualizing employee sentiment and engagement by comparing them to industry standards. With this valuable insight, organizations can strategically plan their workforce, retain top talent, improve employee engagement, and create a thriving workplace culture.

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What are Benchmarks?

Benchmarking is the practice of comparing and analyzing business or performance metrics against best practices or the best in the industry. In the context of surveys, benchmarks are a single data point (aggregated from multiple sources) that represents the average score or best practice within a specific industry, size, region and more. 

Survey benchmarks are a compass that guide you through the vast sea of employee survey data. They are standardized survey metrics derived from analyzing a diverse set of companies and industries. By establishing common reference points, benchmarks enable businesses to identify their strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement relative to other organizations in order to improve their own employee experience. 

Benchmark Calculations

To make well-informed strategic decisions based on benchmarks, understanding their origin is crucial to set realistic goals for your organization. This section details how WorkTango calculates our survey question Benchmark data. 

Benchmarks are calculated by analyzing thousands and thousands of survey responses from world-class organizations using WorkTango, and taking the average of those scores.  The results are segmented into categories in the platform which can be compared by: Industry, Country, Region, Size and more.  Benchmark calculations are processed at the end of each calendar year from WorkTango’s comprehensive benchmark database. Current benchmark data goes back to 2022 and the platform will display the last 2 years of data, if available. 

By summarizing a large quantity of results, benchmarks provide your organization with precise, relevant figures to make informed decisions. Armed with these insights, you can take a targeted approach to improving your employee experience and overall people strategy.

How to Enable Benchmarks

To take advantage of Engagement Survey Question Benchmarks, you’ll first need to toggle on “Benchmarks” within User Permissions / Role Configuration for each survey type for your own Super Admin or Survey Admin role. Once you toggle on Benchmarks for yourself, you can also enable other Admins to see Engagement Survey Benchmarks as well.

How to Toggle on “View Benchmarks” for Survey Type: “Engagement”

  1. Login as a Survey Admin / Super Admin into WorkTango
  2. Navigate to Users in the left hand navigation. You can enable Benchmarks in one of two ways:
    1. Role-Based Permissions: Define a Role that includes “View Benchmarks” toggled on, for Survey Type: Engagement. Assign that role to a user.
    2. Custom User Permissions: Find the user directly, and toggle on “View Benchmarks” for Survey Type: Engagement.

“View Reporting” must be toggled to the on position in order to take advantage of the Benchmarks functionality. Only Super Admins and Survey Admins have permissions to toggle on ‘View Reporting’.

As an Admin, you can then verify that Benchmarks was successfully activated for Survey Type: Engagement by taking the following action: 

  1. Navigate to a completed Engagement type survey. 
  2. Go to the Analyze tab, switch to “Questions” (not Factors).
  3. Go to the “Compare With” dropdown at the top right of your screen. If activated successfully, you will now see “WorkTango Benchmark” in the “Compare With” dropdown.

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