How to Send a Recognition

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Recognitions can be sent from multiple places within the WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform, including the following locations:

  • Activity Feed
  • Birthdays page
  • Anniversaries page
  • User profile pages
  • People directory
  • Slack app integration*
  • MS Teams integration*
  • Android and iOS mobile app

*These integrations are dependent on your company's configuration.

Adding Recipient(s)

To send a recognition from the home page Activity feed, simply click on the 'Send Recognition' button. This will pull up the Recognition form.

Recognition form.png

Begin typing the name of the recipient or recipients and select from the generated list.

If you do not see the name of the person you wish to recognize, be sure to check your spelling.


Recognition Content & Point Amounts

Next, add the message you would like to share. This should be a meaningful message that is specific about what you are recognizing the user or users for. You also have the option to add media such as GIFs, images, videos, and emojis. For more information on adding media, see How to add GIFs, Images, and Videos to a Recognition.

Determine how many points you would like to send to each recipient. This means that if you are sending 100 points per user and you are recognizing 3 users, that will ultimately be sending a total of 300 points. The form shows you how many points you have remaining in your points to send balance to help determine how many you would like to use for the recognition.

Points total.png

Point amounts will not show in the feed to anyone not directly involved in the Recognition.

Core Values & Skills

You then can choose a Core Value from the list of company values. This should be the value that the recipient(s) embodied with their actions and/or accomplishments for which you are recognizing them.

Depending on your company's configuration, Core Values may or may not be required for sending a Recognition.

You also have the option to add skills. Skills are not preset, and while a generated list may populate, do not feel like you have to limit yourself to that list alone. You can type whatever you wish to add as the skill, simply hit enter when you are done adding a skill to begin typing the next. While you do have free rein on what skills you type, just a friendly reminder to keep it work-appropriate.


The last step before sending your recognition is to determine if you would like it to be public or private.

Public:Private Recognition.png

Best practice is to send public Recognitions so that others can celebrate as well. Note that private recognitions can still be viewed by platform admins and other recipients if it is a group recognition.

When you are satisfied with your recognition, click 'Send Recognition'. You can then view the recognition in the activity feed.


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