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Want a resource to introduce your employees to the Recognition & Rewards platform? WorkTango has you covered! Beyond our helpful articles and videos, we have also created a downloadable and customizable deck for you to use with your employees for training. 

How to use the deck

This slideshow is a useful template and outline to introduce your team to the WorkTango platform’s Recognitions & Rewards features. Helpful tips and tricks for using this includes:

  • Change terminology, features, and branding throughout the presentation as needed to align with your company’s specific platform.
  • If something doesn’t apply to your organization, go ahead and remove or update it.
  • Consider using this slide deck before or just after launch for a company meeting, webinar, video, or PDF. Share with your team and get them in the know about all the WorkTango platform has to offer.
  • Check out this example from our customers, Perform[cb].
  • Have fun! These slides are meant to excite your company about the platform and all it has to offer. Your energy and enthusiasm will be contagious.

Click the relevant button below to access the deck to download.

Getting Started with Recognition & Rewards (New Incentives)

Getting Started with Recognition & Rewards (Legacy Incentives)

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