MS Teams Integration User Guide

WorkTango is made easier and more convenient with our Microsoft Teams integration, which enables users to send recognition and view the Activity Feed directly in Teams.

Sending Recognition in MS Teams

Once the WorkTango integration has been configured, a WorkTango button will appear where a user composes Teams messaging. By clicking on this button, users can send their recognition.

A modal will pop up with the WorkTango ‘Send Recognition’ format. It will automatically pull your Recipient search, Core Values, and Skills from the WorkTango platform.

WorkTango Activity Feed in Teams

After sending a recognition from anywhere, the post will show in the Activity Feed in the platform as well as in the designated channel within Teams. Additionally, a recognition sent through Teams will display in the channel from which it was sent.

If enabled, you may also see a WorkTango icon on the left side navigation. This will bring you to the WorkTango bot, which can provide guidance to using the integration. 

For more instructions on setting up the WorkTango Microsoft Teams integration, please see our technical guide.

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