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Sending platform recognitions via Slack has never been easier. With our latest integration, you can share your appreciation and celebrate accomplishments directly in Slack.

Linking Your Accounts

Before you can start sending WorkTango Recognitions to your coworkers, you'll need to connect your WorkTango account to your Slack account by following the steps below.

First, visit your WorkTango Account Settings Page by clicking on your name in the upper right of the WorkTango Dashboard and choosing the “Account” option from the dropdown.

On your Account Settings page, click the button titled “Connect to Slack”. You will be redirected to a page that allows you to connect the WorkTango Slack App to your Slack account in your organization’s Slack workspace.

Next, confirm the Slack workspace you want to connect to the WorkTango Slack App is selected in the upper right corner and click the button titled “Allow”. In our example below, we are connecting the WorkTango Slack App called “WorkTango” to Ariana’s Slack account in the workspace titled “Your Company”.

You will then be redirected back to your Account Settings page. You will no longer see a button titled “Connect to Slack”, but instead you will see a button titled “Disconnect from Slack”.

Congrats! You are now able to send Recognitions from your organization’s Slack workspace.

Sending Recognition in Slack

To get started, open your Slack workspace. Once in your workspace, type a backslash in the “Message” area in any direct message, thread, or channel. By doing so, your Slack shortcuts window will appear.

Type “WorkTango” where it says “Search shortcuts”. This will bring up the WorkTango - Send Recognition shortcut as seen below.* Click on this and press enter. Don't worry, this won't send a message!


If this shortcut does not appear, your company may not have the WorkTango Slack integration activated. Please have your admin contact to get this integration set up.

A pop up entitled “Send Recognition” will appear in your Slack workspace. Proceed to enter a Recognition as you would in the WorkTango platform. Then press “Send”. Your post will promptly show up in your company's WorkTango platform Activity Feed.

If your company has set up a specific Slack channel to display recognitions, your post will show up there as well.

More WorkTango in Slack

Want to see more WorkTango in Slack? Look for the WorkTango app in your search bar and click on it to add it to your list of apps.

From the WorkTango Slack app homepage, you can send a recognition or access shortcuts to other features within the WorkTango platform including Feedback, Goals, Sync-Ups, and Rewards.*<>

*The options you will see are dependent on your company's configuration.


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