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Perhaps one of the most important responsibilities a WorkTango platform admin has is user maintenance. This includes managing the access and permissions of your employees in the platform as well as ensuring employee data remains up-to-date and accurate. 

User Management

Much of your user management structure should have been set up during the implementation of your company’s platform. However, there is always an ebb and flow of new and departing employees, as well as changes to internal hierarchies. It is your responsibility as an admin to ensure that these changes are reflected in the platform user management.


Key actions you may need to take in the Users tab:

  • Manually adding/archiving users*
  • Checking and updating user information including email or employee ID**
  • Updating user roles
  • Setting or checking on a user’s points to send and points earned totals
  • Sending an activation email to a user for initial access or password reset

Key actions you may need to take in the Departments, Locations, or Groups tabs:

  • Edit department/location/group details including name and hierarchical structure
  • Archive departments/locations/groups
  • Add new departments/locations/groups

*If you have an automated SFTP file feed or a direct integration with your HRIS setup, these changes should be made to your user file or HRIS as any changes manually made in the platform will be overwritten during the nightly upload. To verify if you have automated user imports turned on, go to the admin dashboard > Integrations > Import History and see if there is a regular import coming in with SFTP as the “Uploaded by” user.
**See section on Login Troubleshooting for more information.

For more information and step-by-step instructions on managing users, please see the User Management section of our WorkTango Admin Overview resource.

While we do offer SFTP automated user imports as well as some HRIS integrations, these require setup with the WorkTango Implementation team. Please email or submit a request below to be put in contact with an Implementation Manager to begin this process. For more information on setting up SFTP automated user import files please see WorkTango User Management - SFTP Automated, and for HRIS integration fields, seeWorkTango HRIS Configuration Guide

Login Troubleshooting

At times, your employees may run into some common login issues that you can assist with prior to needing to reach out to our support team.

One of the top reasons for login issues is a mismatch in the user’s email address, meaning the email the employee is trying to use to log in does not match what’s in the platform. This is especially common if you use SSO (Single Sign On) for logging in, as the email used in your SSO system must be the same as the email in the WorkTango platform. 

Key actions you may need to take to troubleshoot login issues:

  • Verify user email address in User Management is the same as the email address they are using to log in*
  • Verify user email address in User Management matches email address for SSO, if applicable*
  • Confirm user status is set to active in User Management*
  • Provide employees with your company’s subdomain for the URL
  • Send new users activation email once added to system (if you do not use SSO)

*If using an SFTP automated user import or HRIS integration, check the user’s status and email address in the file and correct if needed.

Points & Custom Point Rules

As a brief reminder/overview of how WorkTango points work, know that each point is worth a certain monetary value (standard is 1 point = 1 cent USD). With this in mind as an admin, you will want to verify that the number of Points to Send is appropriate to your company’s budget. However, please note that points in the system do not cost the company money until/unless Points Earned are redeemed for Rewards, and do not affect the company Rewards fulfillment balance until/unless those Rewards are specifically redeemed from the Rewards MarketplaceGlobal Catalog. 

Custom Point Rules are a way for your organization to distribute different Points to  Send values to various types of employees. For example, you may allot more Points to Send to managers or the leadership team than a standard employee. In order to ensure employees receive the correct number of points to send, you will want to make sure they have the correct point rule associated with them in user management. Additionally, you will want to confirm that any new hires who require a custom point rule are associated with that rule when they are added to the platform. 

Key actions you may need to take regarding Custom Point Rules:

  • Adjust/add custom point rules as needed in the Point balances tab
  • Confirm new users added to the platform are assigned the correct point rule

For more information on point balance and custom point rules, see Setting Point Balances & Custom Point Rules. Additionally, for information on importing point balance and point rules via SFTP, see Setting Point Rules and Points in WorkTango SFTP.

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