Incentives - Admin Basics

Incentives allow you to reward employees with points for completing tasks that are important to your company culture or business needs. Maintaining your Incentives is a key factor in ensuring employee engagement not just with the platform, but also with your company initiatives. 

As a platform admin, it is your responsibility to create and maintain your Incentives catalog. When creating Incentives, we recommend taking into consideration your budget for points that may eventually be redeemed for rewards. This means that Incentives that may be claimed more often would likely be of a smaller value than those that are more difficult to claim or are infrequent in occurrence.

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Key actions you may need to take regarding Incentives:

  • Add/remove/edit Incentives in the Incentives catalog
  • Approve/deny Incentives that require manual approval
  • Maintain a diverse catalog with 20+ Incentives to maximize employee engagement
  • View engagement and budget dashboards and reports for Incentives

For more information on creating and managing Incentives, see the following resources:

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