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Activity Feed Moderation

Users have the ability to report a post that may be inappropriate or inaccurate. Any time a Recognition is reported, you will receive an action item in the admin dashboard to review the reported post.  

Key actions you may need to take in the Activity moderation tab:

  • Review reported posts*
  • Mark a post as hidden or private
  • View any points sent with Recognitions

Recognition posts cannot be deleted or removed completely. They can only be marked as hidden.

For more information on Activity Feed moderation, see this article.

Special Recognition & Milestones

WorkTango’s Special Recognition allows you as an admin to send a Recognition on the company’s behalf, either for milestone celebrations or ad-hoc use cases that fall outside of traditional recognition. 

Key actions you may need to take in the Special Recognition tab:

  • Add/edit/remove automated anniversary, milestone, and birthday Recognitions
  • Send ad-hoc Recognitions on behalf of the company*

*Points sent via Special Recognitions do not come from a user’s points wallet. They are added into the system with each Recognition.  Remember, you only pay for points when they are redeemed for a reward. If redeemed from the Rewards Marketplace, the cost will come out of your escrow account.

For more information on Special Recognitions, see the following resources: 

Pinned Recognitions

Another admin-only action within the activity feed is the ability to pin a Recognition to the top of the feed. These Recognitions may include a Special Recognition or Recognition sent from a user that you want to highlight. Pinned Recognitions show both at the top of the feed as well as in their chronological spot in the feed. 

For step-by-step instructions on pinning Recognitions, please see Pinning a Recognition to the Activity feed.

Core Values & Skills

Core values and skills tags are used in sending Recognitions. Prior to launching your platform to your employees, your company Core values should be set in the Core values & skills tab under Company preferences. 

Key actions you may need to take in the Core values & skills tab:

  • Add/remove/edit company Core values
  • Add or import skills that you would like your employees to use
  • Remove any inappropriate skills that may have been added by employees

For more information on managing Core values and skills, see the Core Values & Skills section of our WorkTango Recognition & Rewards Admin User Manual.

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