Converting User Export with Points to User Import File

The WorkTango User Export with Points is a useful report to pull and a good starting point to create a user import file! To utilize the data provided in the User Export with Points report, there are a few steps you must take as listed below.


  1. Download User Export with Points file from Admin Insights -> Reports.
  2. Delete Columns A, B, F, J, N, O, P, T, U or V (depends on identifier).
  3. Adjust column headers:*
    1. firstName -> First Name
    2. lastName -> Last Name
    3. preferredName -> Preferred Name
    4. title -> Title / Position
    5. employmentStartDate -> Start Date
    6. status -> User Status
    7. birthday -> Birthdate
    8. department -> Department
    9. location -> Location
    10. employeeId -> Employee ID
    11. email -> Login Email
    12. username -> Username
    13. managerEmail -> Assigned Manager (if identifier; if not, delete)
    14. ManagerEmployeeId -> Assigned Manager (if identifier; if not, delete)
    15. country -> Country
    16. roles -> YEI User Role
    17. groups -> Groups
    18. pointRule -> Custom Point Rule
    19. pointsToRedeem -> Points to Redeem
    20. pointsToSend -> Points to Send

*Capitalization does matter for these changes.

  1. Add two columns after column E (Start Date). 
  2. Select from E2 downwards and navigate to Data -> Split text to columns -> select Separator as Space. 
  3. Delete the two columns and format column H to YYYY-MM-DD.
  4. Find & Replace Column F (User Status) text as follows:
    1. ARCHIVED -> Archived
    2. ACTIVE -> Active
    3. PAUSED -> Paused

If archived users do not need to be imported, filter on Column I for Archived, select rows, and delete selected rows.

  1. Update Column G (Birthdate) to custom format MM/DD.
  2. Update Column O (YEI User Role) to Find & Replace text as follows:
    1. ADMIN -> Admin
    2. MANAGER -> Manager
    3. FINANCE -> Finance
  3. Insert columns after Column P (Group) for the maximum number of groups an individual belongs to. Example: The maximum number of groups a single employee belongs to is 5, so there should be 5 Groups columns. 
  4. On P2 downwards, Data -> Split text to columns -> Separator as Comma. Copy the Group header to subsequent columns.
  5. Ensure that the Custom Point Rule being assigned to users is already created in the system.
  6. Import the user file.

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