R&R Insights & Reporting Overview and Best Practices

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ADMIN-GUIDE-Insights-and-Reporting.pngGet real-time insights into your program's effectiveness and overall participation with WorkTango's Reports. With data available by department, location, or any other field from your HCM/HRIS you can understand how your employee experience initiatives are driving collaboration and company culture. Easily manage and gather actionable insights while providing leaders with dashboards to access insights from their team – so you can spend less time running reports and more time recognizing all the amazing work your people do. 

This guide provides a brief overview of functionality and best practices when using Reports. Please refer to this article for a more detailed breakdown of report content.

Platform data that is 10 years or older will not be included in reports exports.

Administrative Reports

Reporting is a feature used to generate different data sets based on the type of data you’d like to view.

Within the Admin Dashboard under the Company header, select the Reports menu. Then, select “Admin Reports”.

You will be taken to the Reports landing page, where you will be given the option to select report type, as well as select the date range you would like the data to be pulled from.  

Within some of these reports you have the ability to pre-filter content prior to downloading results. Administrators can choose to filter on Departments, Managers, Locations, and Groups with the ability to select multiple items simultaneously.*  

After making your selection, you will have the option to view what data is included in the report before generating. To access this, select the “View details” option under the Report type menu. Data in these reports is up to 15 minutes. When you are ready to export, select Generate report.


After selecting Generate report, the report will process and become available for download under the Requested reports header. Select Download report to export the data to your computer in CSV format.

Manager & Group Admin Reports*

The Reports page in the left navigation of the Activity Feed gives Managers as well as Group, Department, and Location admins, access to platform reporting. Data available in these reports is limited to the user’s system visibility.  Managers will be able to see their team’s data, as well as their own data. Department, Location, or Group administrators will be able to access data for users that exist within their groups.  Tools to select and download reports functions the same as the manager’s reports tools.  There is a 15 minute data lag for reports, meaning that data entered/updated in the platform within this timeframe may not appear on the report.

Administrative & Employee Dashboards*

An essential part of optimizing your employee experience program is understanding employee

engagement. WorkTango Dashboards provide filterable data visualization to help you understand and

improve your employee engagement across multiple features in the platform. Admin dashboard data has a 30 minute - 4 hour data lag, while the employee Recognition dashboard has a 30 minute - 27 hour data lag. Check out this article for more information. 

*Requires updated user management tools to be available. If you don’t have these tools in the platform contact our CS team to learn more.

Reports Best Practices

This section is designed to provide you with a concise overview of the Reports in the WorkTango platform. We’ll cover why they’re useful, what to check in the reports and how frequently they should be pulled by the admin.

Prior to downloading reports from WorkTango, add a filter to the report(s) so you can easily find the information you’re looking for! For more information on filtered reports check out this overview.

Utilization/ Engagement

Billing/ Financials

Administrative Tracking

Special Workflows

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