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The Global Rewards Solutions (GRS) is our third party vendor that supplies the rewards found in the Rewards Marketplace in the WorkTango platform. It offers an extensive catalog of products and offerings, allowing you to truly expand the reward options for your employees. Users can redeem their points earned in WorkTango directly through GRS, which will then process the shipment and deliver it directly to the user - no WorkTango Admin intervention necessary! 

Rewards-GRS-Purple.png It has the following types of offerings:

  • Gift Cards (1300+) (most gift cards are digital in the US)
  • Merchandise (95K+)
  • Experiences
  • Tickets & Events
  • Vacations & Travel
  • Charities
  • Prepaid Visa

And products from notable brands:

  • Gift cards for virtually all major retailers
  • Tech from Apple, Sony, Nest, and Fitbit
  • Popular brands including Coach, KitchenAid, Dyson, Jessica Simpson, HP, Philips House, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, LaCoste and other major brands

End-User Experience:

End-users are able to access the Rewards Marketplace under the Rewards tab in their WorkTango platform. There, they can browse the available catalogs and products, then redeem their WorkTango points for real and exciting items. Once a user has selected their product, they will be prompted to fill in their shipping information (even for digital gift cards). GRS will take care of the processing and shipping from there.

Users will receive a message letting them know that based on their country’s tax guidelines, there may be tax consequences that apply to their redemption.

If a user does not have enough points to cover the whole cost of the item, they can use PayPal to top-off their order with real money. 

There are tax implications with the use of GRS. If you would like more information about the options available, please reach out to your WorkTango contact.

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