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Download Employee File Template

Step 1

  • Download/Create an employee file (CSV or Excel Workbook) with data you would like to bring into WorkTango (see our suggestions here). Add the employee’s Start Date and Birth Date, if applicable.

    All employees must have a unique identifier that is different than their email as emails change, which frequently creates duplicates in the employee file. It is recommended to use either numeric or alphanumeric employee IDs. 

  • Add an 'Enabled' column into your spreadsheet. Be sure to add “Yes” for each employee.
  • Open Mapping File from WorkTango.
  • Add columns for Tenure and Generation.
  • Complete mapping for Tenure and Generational cohorts. Be sure to copy/paste values.

Celebrate your success!

Step 2

  • Remove Start Date and Birth Date columns, unless they want to be kept.
  • Review the employee file for any blanks and determine how to label blank cells (Unknown, Not Provided, etc.) and/or locate missing information.
  • Review column headers.
  • Add missing attributes and/or match default attributes in WorkTango (ie: Employee Id vs Employee ID).
  • Upload file into WorkTango (once any errors have been corrected).

Celebrate your success!

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