Checklist for Survey Launch

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Getting ready to launch a survey? Whether it’s your first time or you are a WorkTango pro, utilize this checklist to make sure your employees have a smooth survey experience.

Employee File Readiness

  • Your employee file captures all necessary attributes to support survey fielding (“Enabled” column, unique employee IDs, and accurate/active emails where available).
  • Your employee file captures any valuable attributes to support survey analysis (This could include department, division, tenure range, or more).
  • Employees with a preferred participation language have the language designated in the employee file using the appropriate language code.
  • Your employee file has successfully been uploaded or overridden into the WorkTango platform.
  • You have cross checked the employee file upload against your own file for safe measure.

Please refer to the S&I Employee Upload Template for guidance on preparing and uploading your file.

Technical Readiness 

  • Your IT organization has safe-listed WorkTango IP addresses and server.
  • Any emails in your employee file have been confirmed as active and in-use.
  • If using, you have tested your landing page/QR code/kiosk successfully.
  • You’ve double checked your logo on the survey invitation page to ensure it displays as expected.

Survey Design Readiness

  • You (and a friend!) have reviewed your survey for appropriate factor alignment and question setup. Where applicable, descriptions, labels, logic, and the ability to skip a question is incorporated. Multilingual questions and question order have also been reviewed.
  • You have used either the “Send Test” function during the “Review” stage of survey design or the preview “eyeball” to review your survey or have others review.
  • Your survey has an invitation message embedded into the platform. The message incorporates any multilingual requirements. 

Communication Readiness

  • Your executive team, people leaders, and employee population have been informed of survey launch and duration details, length of time to complete the survey, and why the survey is being fielded.
  • You have a series of reminder messages (and desired dates/times) ready for real-time fielding.
  • Your employees know who to contact for any questions.
  • You have a clear plan for post-survey analysis and the communication of results.

User Readiness

  • Individuals requiring visibility into the survey results have relevant access to the platform.

Good to go on all of the above? You’re ready to save and schedule your survey! Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Surveys & Insights Consultant Team at  or submit a request to our support team for any technical help.

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