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WT-illustration-leadership-2.pngThis communications guide is designed to help you develop a robust, holistic, and effective communication strategy for your surveys.

Best Practices

  • Communications should be holistic.
    Address the need-to-knows of executives, people leaders, and employee populations.
  • Communications should be goal-oriented and demonstrate the why behind surveying.
    Why now, and what will the organization do with these results?
  • Communications should be wide-reaching.
    Develop communications that cover appropriate channels and meetings where audiences are captive.
  • Communications should be detailed.
    Outline the expectations of relevant stakeholders, information about the survey launch, and addressing questions employees may have.
  • Communications should be consistent.
    From the initial announcement through survey close, your key messages should resonate throughout.

Questions for Consideration

  • What communications have been used for previous surveys/initiatives?

  • What communications have/have not worked?

  • Who are the hardest to reach employees?

  • What ways are used to communicate organizationally?

  • What meetings are coming up that may be leveraged?

  • Who are internal influencers that can champion this initiative?

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Ways to Communicate to & Engage Employees

  • Emails from HR & Leadership
  • Video from CEO/Leadership
  • Town Halls
  • Incentives/Contests
  • Treats with printed QR codes
  • Kiosk & SMS options 
  • Posters w/QR code
  • Messenger Systems (teams/slack)
  • Survey information in email sign offs and banners
  • Reminders on desktop screensavers
  • Zoom backgrounds
  • Reminders on intranets & internal systems (ex. payroll)
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 Communications Roadmap

Pre-Survey Launch

Launch Day

Survey Live Window

Post-Survey Close

4-6 weeks prior

Day of launch

During live survey

2-6 weeks post

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  • Informing leaders and employees of survey
  • Building excitement
  • Drafting communications strategy
  • Survey email to all employees inviting them to access the survey
  • Reminding employees and leaders of the survey
  • Continuing excitement & engagement
  • Updating leaders and employees on response rates
  • Thanking employees and leaders for participation 
  • Communicating next steps
  • Sharing survey results

Pre-Launch Messaging

Communication Suggested Method From To Date
Initial communication to executive team (WT Template Email)
  • Team meeting
  • Email
HR Executives 4-6 weeks prior to launch
Initial communication with middle management/people leaders  (WT Template Email)
  • Team meeting
HR Managers 4-6 weeks prior to launch
Initial organization-wide communication campaign  (WT Template Email)
  • Town hall
HR & Leadership All employees 2-4 weeks prior
Secondary communication to leaders focused on encouraging participation
  • Email 
  • Messenger
HR Executives & Managers  1 week prior
Secondary communications to employees  (WT Template Email)
  • Email
  • Messenger
  • Team Meeting
  • Newsletter
HR, Leadership & Management All employees 3-5 days prior

Key Pre-Launch Messages

  • Communicate purpose of survey and what will be done with the data after
  • Explain the employees’ role in how participating will shape the future of the organization
  • Introduce WorkTango and offer information around how the data is kept secure and private
  • Help leaders understand their role in the success of the survey initiative
  • Share your response rate goals
  • Provide a point of contact for any questions

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Launch Messages

  • Communicate response rates to managers and employees
  • Continue communicating purpose of survey and employees’ role in how participating will shape the future of the organization

Post-Survey Close Messaging

Communication Suggested Method From To Date
Thank you and acknowledgement for employee participation  (WT Template Email)
  • Email 
  • Team Meeting
CEO or HR All employees Within 5 days of survey closing
Thank you and acknowledgement to managers
  • Email
  • Team Meeting
CEO or HR Executives & Managers Within 5 days of survey closing
Share survey results and action plans with executive team
  • Team Meeting
HR Executives 2-4 weeks after survey close
Share survey results and action plans with managers
  • Team Meeting
HR  Managers 2-4 weeks after survey close
Share survey results and action plans with all employees
  • Town Hall
Executives & HR All employees 4-6 weeks after survey close

Post-Survey Close Messages

  • Acknowledge the participation of employees and managers
  • Share what next steps are for survey analysis and sharing of results
  • Communicate corporate-wide survey results with all employees
  • Communicate corporate and department-specific survey results with leaders
  • Share action plans for all layers of the organization


  1. Identify which communications channels will be used
  2. Identify which communications will be sent
  3. Input details into communications template
  4. Prepare collateral
  5. Execute against plan

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