Best Practices: Onboarding Surveys

Key considerations for your Onboarding Survey Strategy

Onboarding surveys are a crucial opportunity to capture feedback from new hires. The information employees provide can inform recruiting practices, training programs, alignment and clarity on roles and responsibilities, and adaptiveness to your organization’s working environment.

How should I conduct my onboarding survey program?

WorkTango recommends that, at a minimum, organizations should field onboarding surveys at the 30 day milestone. However, every organization is different, and therefore an onboarding survey should reflect the complexity of your onboarding process and the resources and structures you have in place.

For example, if your new hires go through a heavy recruiting process, consider fielding a day one or week one survey to capture feedback on said experience. If your new hire ramping period extends for several weeks, consider implementing survey check points at several milestone dates: 30 days in, 60 days in, and 90 days in.

Should my onboarding survey be anonymous?

The WorkTango platform supports both confidential and non-anonymous surveys.

With confidential surveys, you have the benefit of capturing confidential and candid feedback. As a result, you will be able to see data aggregated into segments that surpass your anonymity threshold.Your employees may feel more comfortable to participate freely. WorkTango recommends a minimum threshold of 5 for confidential surveys.

With non-anonymous surveys, you will have clearer visibility into identifying issues and proactively taking action. As a result, you will be able to export raw data directly from the platform. However, you may find that employees are more wary of participating.

Ultimately, regardless of which path you choose, be clear and communicative about how you will use employee feedback captured during the onboarding experience.

What should I ask in my onboarding survey?

WorkTango has developed a best practice onboarding survey for new employees at the start of their employment, and at 30, 60, and 90 day milestones. Contact your Surveys & Insights Consultant for our recommended questions.

When building a survey in WorkTango, we recommend grouping questions into factors, or themes, such as enablement, goals and alignment, or direct manager. Should you be interested to incorporate your own custom questions, contact your Surveys & Insights Consultant for guidance on factor alignment.

WorkTango encourages utilizing rating-based questions on a Likert scale (for example, an agreement scale of Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree). For your onboarding survey, you may also want to incorporate in an open text question, as well as multiple choice questions.

How should I be fielding my onboarding survey in the WorkTango platform?

The easiest approach to field an onboarding survey is to build a survey for a long period of time (such as a year). Every time an employee joins the organization, they are added into the survey. Survey data can be analyzed in real time, and attribute fields can be introduced to isolate quarters in which the onboarding survey took place.

If you are looking to trend entire surveys against each other, you may want to consider a period-based cadence. In a quarterly cadence, a new onboarding survey structure is created at the start of each quarter. Though your surveys will serve as standalone entities, you can aggregate them together for analysis.

If you choose to field onboarding surveys across multiple milestones, you should have a different survey for each milestone. WorkTango recommends using the same survey for the entire year so that it allows for easier administration.

What else should I consider when fielding my onboarding survey?

To ensure efficiency and accuracy within your onboarding survey experience, WorkTango recommends setting up an automated employee data file transfer through SFTP. Most often, organizations fielding onboarding surveys will arrange for weekly transfers. WorkTango’s data analytics team will review and process uploads. With each upload, onboarding surveys will be sent automatically to align with milestone dates.

For more information, contact your Surveys & Insights Consultant.

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