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As a people leader, you play a very important role in supporting the development of your employees and building high-performing teams. Our goal is to make it easy for you to encourage a growth mindset and ensure everyone stays aligned by combining individual Goals & business OKRs with ongoing feedback conversations and structured Check-Ins.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the platform:

icon-analytics-color.pngLet’s start with Goals. Goals increase visibility and alignment to your company’s top priorities so every employee, from entry to exit, can clearly understand the meaningful impact of their work and its connection to your business goals. As a manager, we recommend the following:   

  • Encourage your employees to set 3–5 active Goals at a time for a balance
    of priorities and projects.
  • Display Goals during team meetings to drive program adoption and visibility
    into goal progress.
  • Use the Alignment Tree view to visualize individual impact and identify areas of support.
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration on Goals to eliminate duplication of effort.


icons-1.svgCultivate a growth mindset by encouraging employees to use the Feedback feature. Foster this habit by providing feedback to team members every month and then offering actionable advice and follow up to assist in their development.

Make employee 1-on-1 conversations more productive with Sync-Ups.

  • Set aside time to talk about life outside of work and ask open-ended questions
    about project updates, roadblocks, and challenges.
  • Ask your employees what support, tools, opportunities, or training they need.
  • Encourage strategic conversations by pulling Goals in and providing coaching
    to employees so they can grow and develop into their full potential.


Group 1.svgProvide smarter, more meaningful development discussions with Check-Ins.


  • Take the time to familiarize yourself with the Check-In process to avoid delays
    and encourage employees to complete them on time.
  • Ensure you are pulling in Goal progress, Feedback, and Recognitions into each
    Check-In for a comprehensive review.
  • Revisit feedback from previous Check-Ins to understand what progress the employee has made.
  • Discuss overall Goal & OKR progress and collectively identify any needed updates.
  • Summarize areas for employee development and longer-term career objectives.


icon-activity-feed-color.pngLeverage Talent Review to eliminate unconscious bias and standardize your approach
to performance reviews to fairly identify top talent and drive career development.



By following these tips, you can foster a growth mindset, drive alignment,
and ensure meaningful development discussions for your team

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