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As an administrator, you play a critical role in shaping your organization’s culture, and understand the importance of fostering an environment of appreciation and recognition. With WorkTango, achieving
this goal has never been easier.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the platform:

icon-time-color.pngEncourage managers to use the platform regularly. Our data shows that there’s a direct correlation between manager usage and direct report usage. When managers are active on the platform, their direct reports are more likely to engage as well. So, make sure to encourage your managers to use the platform effectively to improve employee engagement.


Group 1.svgIncorporate WorkTango into your onboarding process. Starting a new job can be overwhelming, but adding WorkTango to your onboarding process can help new hires feel more at ease. Make sure to share your organization’s vision for the platform and why you’ve invested in a Recognition & Rewards solution. And don’t forget to recognize new hires within their first 30 days to keep them engaged.


icon-activity-feed-color.pngKeep the platform vibrant and relevant. Updating the platform background frequently can help drive employee engagement. Use dedicated, themed backgrounds for national celebrations or holidays, charitable giving initiatives, or other programs and initiatives. And make sure to stay on brand by updating your company logos and name.


Frame 15.svgMake sure to offer a wide range of Incentives within the platform to maximize employee engagement. According to our data, employees of companies who offer 25 or more Incentives in the WorkTango platform complete 83% more actions in the platform than companies who offer only 1–5 Incentives.


icon-connection-color.pngLeverage Company Links to provide easy access to resources. Company links allow you to house up to 10 links that employees can easily access from the employee dashboard. Use this feature to provide best practices for using the platform, internal resources, or guides for commonly asked questions.


icons-1.svgPut your recognitions on display. Displaying employee recognitions in common areas can help foster a culture of recognition and appreciation in your organization. Encourage managers to recognize their team members publicly and display these recognitions in a prominent location.


icon-analytics-color.pngUse Dashboards to quickly and easily monitor your organization’s engagement. WorkTango’s Dashboards provide you with insights into who is participating, by department, location, etc. Dashboards should be visited at least once a month to recognize trends and possible areas of improvement for employee engagement.


icon-diamond-color.pngCraft Custom Rewards and Point Pools to inspire, engage, and appreciate your employees. From exclusive company swag to extra time off, curate captivating Custom Rewards that align with your company’s values — in a catalog employees can’t resist exploring. Unite employees through Point Pools for collective rewards or charitable causes.


icon-hour-glass-color.pngSave time and show appreciation with automated milestone recognition. Never miss birthdays, anniversaries, or important milestones again. Enhance onboarding by automatically recognizing new hires on their first day, first week, and their 30-day milestone. Build a culture of recognition from day one.


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With these tips and the robust features available on the WorkTango platform,
you’ll be well on your way to building a more engaged and motivated workplace.

For more information on the data behind some of the tips, check out 5 Best Practices to Maximize WorkTango Recognition & Rewards Platform Success.

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