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Here is some helpful information to reference regarding your subscription, fulfillment, or invoicing.

Subscription Fees

  • An invoice will be sent to the billing contact noted on your Order Form within 5-7 business days after the Order Form has been fully executed.
  • The subscription term start date is specified on the Order Form.
  • Subscription fees are based on the Maximum User count specified on your Order Form. In the event the number of user accounts on your platform exceeds the Maximum Users, WorkTango will send you an Order Form via DocuSign to acknowledge this increase. WorkTango will then invoice in accordance with the terms of your agreement.
  • Payment is due in accordance with the Order Form and agreement. Invoices can be paid by check, ACH, or wire transfer in accordance with the information listed at the bottom of each invoice.

Reward Fulfillment

  • During platform configuration, your Customer Success Manager will work with you to determine the funds necessary for your rewards program on an annual basis.
  • Once your budget is finalized, WorkTango will generate an invoice based on the initial Reward Fulfillment balance agreed upon.
  • When your Reward Fulfillment is running low or upon your request, WorkTango will invoice you to add funds to your balance. You can always adjust your Reward Fulfillment budget as desired.
  • Invoices can be paid by check, ACH, or wire transfer. Amounts paid will go towards your Reward Fulfillment balance. All amounts in the balance are owned by you and can be returned at any time upon request.
  • Funds will be deducted from the balance only when an employee redeems for a monetary reward fulfilled by WorkTango.
  • Upon any termination of the agreement, WorkTango will return any outstanding Reward Fulfillment amounts to you.

For questions about invoicing or billing, please reach out to

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