Top Tips for Surveys & Insights Managers/Leaders

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Tips & Tricks.pngAs a people leader, you play a crucial role in understanding the genuine voice of your employees within your organization. WorkTango empowers you to gather feedback from your team members while safeguarding their confidentiality, creating an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their authentic and honest sentiments.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the platform:

icon-vision-color.pngKeep a close eye on the response rate for each survey. Analyze the trends over time to identify any changes or patterns. A declining response rate may indicate potential issues with survey fatigue, lack of employee engagement, or communication gaps.


icons-3456.svgAnalyze the relationship between factors and questions. This analysis can provide valuable insights into how specific questions contribute to the identified factors. By understanding these connections, you can prioritize your efforts to improve specific questions that have a significant impact on overall employee engagement or satisfaction.


icon-challenge-color.pngUtilize the insights gained from analyzing the highest and lowest factors, as well as the highest and lowest performing questions, to develop targeted action plans. Continuously monitor the impact of your actions and make adjustments as needed.


icon-analytics-color.pngLeverage filters in the platform to gain insights from different perspectives. Use the filters set up by your organization to examine survey results across various groups. This allows you to understand how different groups responded to the survey and isolate scores for specific subsets of data.

Responses below the anonymity threshold will be anonymized but still contribute to aggregated data.

icon-review-color.pngIdentify recurring themes or patterns in your survey results. Look for actionable insights that can guide your decision-making and help you prioritize areas for improvement. By focusing on themes that emerge from the data, you can develop targeted action plans and interventions to address specific challenges or leverage strengths within your organization.


Group 1.svgLook at the overall trends in employee sentiment by aggregating and comparing the results from multiple surveys of the same type. Identify shifts in sentiment, whether positive or negative, to gain insights into the evolving employee experience. Pay attention to changes in overall engagement levels, satisfaction, or specific areas of concern.


icon-feedback-color.pngPromote a culture of open dialogue by actively encouraging employees to participate in Anonymous Conversations, when possible. Let them know that their feedback, ideas, and concerns are valued with a safe space for them to share their thoughts anonymously. Emphasize that their anonymity will be respected, fostering trust and encouraging honest and constructive communication.


icon-activity-feed-color.pngUse the Action Planning Dashboard to map out your next steps. This feature provides a centralized space where you can organize and track your action plans based on survey insights. Additionally, take advantage of the suggested actions based on your survey results. These suggestions are generated using advanced analytics and insights from your data. Evaluate the suggested actions and incorporate relevant ones into your action plans.


icon-launch-color.pngExplore the Learning Coach feature to access a variety of learning resources, such as articles, best practices, webinars, and case studies. These resources can provide valuable insights, strategies, and actionable tips to enhance your understanding of the employee experience. Take advantage of the diverse content available to expand your knowledge and stay up to date with industry trends and research.


icon-peer-to-peer-color.pngHelp your team understand that their individual responses collectively shape the overall survey results. Express genuine appreciation and acknowledge their valuable contribution to emphasize that their feedback is essential for driving positive change within the organization. Share specific examples of how employee feedback has driven changes within the organization and encourage your team to continue providing feedback in future surveys.


By incorporating these tips, you can gain valuable input for decision-making
from employees to drive impactful change in your organization.

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