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As an administrator, you play a critical role in understanding the authentic employee voice in your organization. WorkTango enables you to collect feedback from employees while protecting their confidentiality and ensures employees feel comfortable expressing their genuine and candid sentiments.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the platform:

icon-performance-color.pngClearly articulate the objectives you aim to achieve through surveys. Establish specific goals for each focus area, such as improving employee satisfaction, increasing diversity awareness, enhancing leadership effectiveness, etc. This will help guide the design and analysis of your surveys.


icon-activity-feed-color.pngTake advantage of WorkTango's Recommended Assessments tailored to various factors/drivers such as Employee Engagement, DE&I, and more. The questions in these resources are designed based on industry expertise and research, ensuring you ask the right questions to gather actionable insights. Customize them as needed to suit your organization's unique context and needs.


icon-feedback-color.pngDevelop an ongoing Active Listening strategy. Implement ongoing surveys, focus on priority areas, and take tangible action to drive meaningful change. Foster transparency by keeping employees informed and express that their voices truly matter.


Group 1.svgClearly communicate the survey's purpose, importance, and timeline to all employees prior to the survey launch. Emphasize the significance of employee participation, the impact their feedback will have on shaping the organization's direction, and the measures in place to protect individual employee confidentiality.


icon-analytics-color.pngBe transparent and contextualize the data. Provide background information when presenting survey results to leadership. Explain the methodology used, survey response rates, and any relevant external factors that may have influenced the results. This context helps leadership understand the validity and significance of the data and enables them to make informed decisions.


icon-time-color.pngDetermine a target response rate that reflects the level of participation you aim to achieve. Consider factors such as the number of employees, their locations, departments, and other relevant demographics to establish a realistic and meaningful response rate.


icons-3456.svgFamiliarize yourself with the Action Planning library. WorkTango offers an action planning library that provides a repository of best practices and proven strategies for various organizational challenges. When analyzing survey results, explore the suggested actions based on the insights gathered.


icon-home-color.pngProvide people leaders within your organization with platform access. This allows them to directly engage with survey results, analytics, and other features. Granting access enables leaders to stay informed, take ownership of the feedback process, and actively participate in driving organizational improvement.


icon-diamond-color.pngMaster the platform by spending time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with all the features and functionalities by joining webinars, and staying up to date via the newsletter. 



icon-peer-to-peer-color.pngConduct hands-on training with people leaders covering features, functionalities, and interpretation of survey data with our training course, Learning to Tango. Highlight how leaders can leverage the platform to identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and drive impactful actions within their teams and the organization.


icon-hearts-color.pngEstablish channels for people leaders to access support when needed and regularly check in with leaders to ensure they feel confident in using the platform and maximizing its potential. 



icons-1.svgDrive transparency and action by sharing survey findings with your team. Communicate the plan to address areas for improvement, highlighting insights discovered while maintaining confidentiality. Emphasize the importance of their input and express your appreciation and commitment to creating a better workplace together.


icon-pulse-survey-color.pngLeverage the benchmark data WorkTango offers from various industries and organizations. Utilize this data to gain insights into how your organization compares to others in the same focus areas. Benchmarking can provide valuable context and help identify areas for improvement.


icon-lightbulb-color.pngContinually reinforce the value of data-driven decision making by communicating success stories and examples highlighting positive impacts, including improvements in employee engagement, productivity, or other key outcomes.


By integrating these tips into your strategy, you'll effortlessly transform insights into actionable steps throughout every stage of the employee lifecycle, cultivating a positive transformation within your organization.

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