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Learning to Tango is a self-guided resource to help you understand the basics of Surveys & Insights in less than an hour. Get started by watching the videos in order and completing the tasks below. 

You can access this content as a downloadable PDF that you can use to complete the tasks here

Getting Started

  1. Introduction and login - Activate your account to get started.
  2. Navigating icons - Review the 5 basic icons, including support and navigation.

Survey Overview

  1. Overview - Understand the Overview Tab’s information.
  2. Filters & Factors - Find the attributes and factors that are meaningful for your results.* 
  3. Confidential Feedback - Understand how WorkTango anonymizes results for our Employee Promise.
  4. 'Compare with' feature - Unlock the benefits of measuring like groups or surveys.**
  • Read through the recommended actions based on the bottom factors. 

  • Determine what your 3 recommended actions are.

Response Rates

  1. Response rates - Leverage response information to understand employee representation.


  1. Understanding the Engagement Index - Utilize industry best practices to identify the impact of promotion, loyalty, pride, and inspiration.
  2. Employee voice - Review employee open-text responses.*
  • Analyze data based on Filters, Factors, Question Types.
  • Identify 2 ways your data has changed based on different filters.

Understanding Your Data

  1. Analyze tab - Identify the meaning of results.
  2. Heatmaps - Compare segments to find differences.**
  3. Interpreting data - Recognize areas of strength and opportunity.
  • List the top bottom three factors and reflect.

Improve Employee Experience

  1. Action planning - Apply the action planning dashboard and library.*
  2. Learning coach - Retrieve thought leadership aligned to WorkTango’s recommended factors.
  3. Leveraging the exports - Utilize Excel and PowerPoint for further interpretation and awareness.
  • Learning Coach - Find three articles that suggest ways to improve your bottom-scoring factors.
  • Improve - Brainstorm actions that you could take to improve the employee experience based on your low factors. Discover more in the Action Planning library. 

*Applicable with filtering permissions
**Applicable with comparing permissions

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