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With great data comes great understanding. WorkTango’s reports provide you with insights into who is participating — by department, location, etc. — to better understand how your employee experience programs are driving collaboration and company culture.

At-a-glance and granular reports and visualizations provide a clear, easy to understand look at what motivates employee collaboration and performance, as well as your program costs and budget over time.

Data for these reports can be delayed by 15 minutes. Platform data that is 10 years or older will not be included in reports exports

The Reports page provides Administrators, Analysts, Rewards Moderators, and Fiance Admins access to platform reporting. Rewards Moderators and Finance Admins only have access to a subset of reports. Managers as well as Department, Location and Group Admins get access to the Reports page with only their relevant team or group data. This means managers will be able to see their team’s data as well as their own.  Department, Location, or Group administrators will be able to access data for users that exist within their groups.

Within some of these reports, Admins have the ability to pre-filter content prior to downloading results. Administrators can choose to filter on Departments, Managers, Locations, and Groups with the ability to select multiple items simultaneously. 

The combination of filtered content works as an or statement within a given filter, and an and statement between filters. Specific report filter information is found in their respective section below. 


If a user filters a report by one department (Marketing), and two locations (Chicago and Austin).  The report would contain users that are in (Marketing) and in (Chicago or Austin). 

The report would not contain Marketing team members in any other locations, and would not include anyone in Chicago or Austin that is not in the Marketing department.

For a complete breakdown of the reports, their definitions and filters, check out this spreadsheet.

Available Reports

Click on any report title to view an overview and breakdown of columns in that report.

Recognition & Rewards Reports

Goals & Feedback Reports

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