Manager Tips for Getting Started with WorkTango

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The WorkTango Platform connects you to your team in one place, so you can consistently coach, manage your data, and drive engagement.

Here are a few tips on getting started with WorkTango so you can better connect with your direct reports.

Follow Your Team

Follow your direct reports so that you receive special notifications when they are recognized.

  • Click 'People' in the left menu to see the People Directory. You can filter by relationships, including direct reports.
  • Click on your direct report’s profile picture to navigate to their profile.

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  • Click the 'Follow' button to receive in-platform notifications when your direct report receives recognition.


Update Your Notification Settings

Adjust your settings to an email when someone you follow does something great.

  • Use the dropdown menu under your name, then click 'Notification Settings'.
  • Select when you'd like to receive email notifications from WorkTango.
  • We recommend receiving notifications when someone you follow receives a recognition or has a birthday or anniversary.

Save a Meaningful Filter

Too much going on in the Activity Feed? Save a filter set to only see what is most important to you on the feed.

  • Use the filters on the right side of the Activity Feed to narrow by Activity Type, Relationship, or other groupings (like Location or Department). 
  • If you’d like WorkTango to default to this filter set in the future, you can save it by clicking 'Filters', then selecting 'Save Filter Set'.

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Team overview tab.pngReview Your Team Overview

Tons of relevant and interesting information about your team can be found in the Team Overview tab.

  • Go to the Team Overview tab in the left menu and select 'Recognition dashboard' to see your team’s activity. 
  • Here, you can see all your direct reports and their activity, as well as areas where you can increase employee engagement.
  • You can view which employees could use a little more encouragement. The platform will suggest different actions for you to take –  for example recognizing their performance or reminding them to complete a goal – to help your less-engaged direct reports.


Best Practices

Make it a habit

Send 1-2 recognitions per week as part of your to-do list. Schedule a dedicated day on your calendar to view the activity feed.

Tell your team

Take time in meetings to remind employees about the program.

Amplify impact

Keep this top of mind. Call out specific recognition in all staff meetings and remind them of the program.

Get an advocate

Tap a respected member of the team to help foster the program.

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