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WorkTango Check-Ins Manager Guide An introduction and walkthrough of Check-Ins for Managers.
Company & Department Goals Leadership Guide A detailed walkthrough of Company & Department Goals.
Goals Manager Guide (with Approvals)Goals Manager Guide (No Approvals) An in-depth guide on Goals for Managers.
WorkTango Talent Review Manager & Leader Guide A complete guide for understanding and fully utilizing Talent Reviews.
Why Talent Review is Key for Unbiased Performance Reviews This article goes over what a Talent Review is and why is it important
How to Conduct Fair Employee Talent Reviews Using the 9-Box This article goes over what is a 9-box talent review
Talent Reviews: How to Have the Conversation in 4 Steps Best practices on how to have a Talent Review conversation
WorkTango Sync-Ups Data Sheet An overview of Sync-Ups and the benefits they bring towards creating structure and transparency for your meetings.

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