5 Best Practices to Maximize WorkTango Recognition & Rewards Success

Recognize and Incentivize all employees within 30 days of launch.

Engage employees early and often during roll-out to encourage continued active usage of WorkTango.

66% of employees who fail to receive Recognition within 30 days of a WorkTango launch end up Rarely Active or Not Active in the platform.

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Encourage employees to log in 2-3x / week.

Increased platform utilization improves average employee tenure.

Employees who actively use the WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform stay at their company 2.8 years longer on average than inactive employees.

Build reminders into your All Hands and internal newsletters to encourage continuous usage of the platform.

If you work from an office, post signage to remind employees to log in.

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Offer a wide range of Incentives.

Load up the Incentives tab with at least 25 different incentives to maximize engagement.

Employees of companies who offer 25 or more Incentives in the WorkTango platform complete 83% more actions in the platform than companies who offer only 1-5 Incentives.

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Allocate as many Points as you can afford to each employee.

Allocating a higher number of Points per employee can boost platform engagement and utilization by up to 2x.

Companies with 1,500 employees or less typically give employees twice as many Points to spend in the platform as 3,000+ employee companies give.

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Encourage Managers to actively use the platform.

There’s a direct correlation between manager usage and direct report usage, so consider allocating additional Points to managers to boost their impact.

When Managers are not active in the WorkTango platform, 91% of their direct reports are also rarely active or inactive.

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