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Welcome to the WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform! 

What is WorkTango?

The WorkTango platform enables you to:

  • Get recognition from your coworkers for a job well done
  • Choose rewards for yourself, earned through recognition
  • Celebrate success by recognizing others and seeing our company culture in action

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Get Connected

If your company uses Single Sign-On to access the WorkTango platform, see the SSO section. Otherwise, see the non-SSO section.

Where the URL shows 'company', replace this with your company's WorkTango subdomain. For more information on this, reach out to your internal WorkTango admins, typically your HR team. 

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See the Appreciation

The Activity Feed is the public board for your company. It shows the posts across the organization, so you can see who is sending and receiving recognition and what they’re getting recognized for, whether they’re at the desk next to you or somewhere across the planet.

Amplify other people’s recognition by clicking High Five to add 5 points to the recognition.

Send recognition from this same screen. Type a coworker’s name in the Send Recognition box to get started. Then, write a description of their great work, choose how many points you want to send them, select a core value, add skills, and you’re good to go!

Specific and timely recognition has the biggest impact.

For more information on Recognitions, see How to Send a Recognition.

Check your point balances. If you’re using WorkTango on the web, you’ll see your photo on the left of the screen with your point balances below it. On the mobile app, you can find them in the menu. Your Points to Send are the amount of points you can award to others. Your Earned Points are those you’ve earned and can spend in the rewards catalog. Earned points add up over time, but giving balances typically reset quarterly.

Budget your giving points to send recognition the entire quarter.

Choose your rewards. Once you’ve earned points, you can redeem them for rewards available in your Catalog. Go to the Rewards section and choose a reward from the Catalog.


Sending Effective Recognition

  • Be Specific: Note the specific actions or achievements that warrant recognition.
  • Make it Meaningful: Note the significance of the accomplishment to reinforce the alignment of individual efforts with broader organizational goals.
  • Recognize is a Timely Fashion: Timely recognitions are celebrated in the moment, rather than weeks later when focus has shifted. 

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Pro Tips

  • Send recognition often! The best time is anytime you receive help from a coworker, you want to let someone know their hard work has been noticed, or you appreciate a job well done.
  • Look at the Insights Tab to see who’s giving and receiving the most recognition. Where do you rank?
  • Use WorkTango’s People Directory to learn more about your coworkers and easily send group recognition.
  • Scan the company’s activity feed daily or weekly to see what others are being recognized for across the company.
  • Check out the Incentives section to see how you can earn more points.


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