Custom Rewards Moderation

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To view rewards moderation, navigate to the Moderation > Rewards page in the admin dashboard. On this page, you can see the rewards in need of approval or fulfillment, as well as those that have been denied or completed. 

Needs Moderation tab

Rewards moderation page.png

Any orders that require action will appear here. You'll see which rewards need approval and any custom rewards that need to be completed. 

To view additional order details, click the arrow next to the employee's name.*

Rewards fulfillment details.png

Point pools will only show the last contributor in the moderation page. To view all contributors, you will need to pull a redemptions report from the admin dashboard under Insights.

Additionally, to view details on individual rewards such as variation choices and shipping address, you will need to pull a redemptions report from the admin dashboard under Insights.


Completed, denied, and canceled orders will show in the 'Closed' tab. 

The 'Submitted' tab is only for rewards redeemed through the WorkTango Global Catalog. Custom rewards will not be found in this tab.

Step 1: Approval

After the employee redeems a reward:

  • If the selected reward is automatically approved, the reward goes to the fulfillment process.
  • If the selected reward needs manual approval, you'll be prompted to “approve” or “deny” the order within your reward moderation dashboard via the 'Actions' dropdown.
  • If the reward is approved (either manually or automatically), it’s on to Step 2 - Fulfillment!
  • If an order is denied or canceled, the points will be refunded to the employee.

Approve reward.png

Step 2: Fulfillment

Once a user redeems a custom reward, your organization is responsible for the offline fulfillment of these rewards.* Depending on what type of custom rewards you use, this may mean you need to provide company swag to a user or set up coffee with the CEO. 

This includes point pools, but not Give Back Points as those are fulfilled automatically).

Step 3: Completion

For Custom Rewards, the system requires an additional step of marking the reward as 'complete', making it easier to keep track of who has received their reward and who hasn't. 

Admins and designated fulfillers are both able to mark a reward as complete. To do so, click on the 'Actions' dropdown and click 'Complete'.

Complete reward.png

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