Managing Custom Rewards & Point Pools

In the Company catalog admin page, you can see the most important information about your rewards, helping you to quickly scan and make any necessary adjustments.

  • Groups: Designated groups to whom the reward is available
    • Rewards assigned to three or more groups appear as "3 Groups"; view all groups by clicking on reward to see expanded detail view
    • 'No groups for this reward' means the reward is visible to everyone in your organization
  • Inventory: Amount available for redemption; When inventory hits zero, the item is archived and is no longer visible to users
  • Points: Amount of points a user needs to redeem reward
  • Visibility: Reward is visible (on) or hidden (off) to users
  • Total Rewards: The total amount of Custom Rewards in your catalog
  • Filters: Advanced filters to help you quickly find and manage rewards in your catalog

Custom rewards catalog.png

Expanded View

Without leaving the page, click on the arrow to the left of any custom reward to see the expanded view. Available details include: 

  • Category: Type of reward (experience, charity, etc.)
  • Approval: Manual or auto approve
  • Groups: Specified user groups to whom the reward is available
  • Inventory: Amount available
  • Variations: Types available (colors, sizes, etc.)
  • Fulfiller: Who is designated to fulfill this reward (if applicable)

Expanded reward details.png

Editing & Archiving Rewards

If you'd like to edit the details of any custom reward or archive the reward (so it no longer appears in your custom reward list), click the meatballs on the right of any reward row.

Here you'll see the option to edit, archive, or duplicate any custom reward. 

  • Editing a custom reward reopens the creation prompt so you can make adjustments. 
  • Archiving hides the reward from your custom reward list. You'll have the option to cancel in-progress redemptions or keep them prior to archival.
  • Duplicating creates a copy of the reward. This is a great way to create new custom rewards quickly if they are similar to rewards that already exist.

Reward options.png

Bulk Actions

You can select multiple custom rewards and make a bulk action. Click the checkboxes on the left of the rewards you would like to work with to make the bulk action bar appear.

Possible bulk actions include:

  • Assign Groups: Adjust who the rewards are available to
  • Set Approval: Set manual or auto approval
  • Adjust Tax Settings: Make rewards taxable or non-taxable
  • Archive: Hide rewards

Reward bulk actions.png

Downloading the Catalog & Viewing Archived Rewards

If you'd like to access a downloadable list of all your custom rewards or view the list of archived rewards, scroll to the bottom of your custom reward catalog at any time to download a .CSV file or navigate to the archived rewards.

Download rewards catalog.png

Advanced Filters

WorkTango's advanced filters allow quick visibility into your catalog. Click the filter icon at the top right of your overview to get started. Filters include: 

  • Reward Category: Charity, company products, experiences, gift cards
  • Visibility: Available or archived
  • Approval Type: Manual or auto approve
  • Reward Type: Type of reward (experience, charity, etc.)
  • Taxable Status: Taxable or non-taxable
  • Include Rewards Available To: All or specified groups

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