Creating Custom Individual Rewards

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The WorkTango platform allows you to easily create custom rewards that are specifically aligned with your culture, reinforce your core values, or recognize certain milestones or achievements.

Admins often use this feature to add company swag to a Custom Rewards catalog, like sweatshirts or water bottles. Custom rewards are also a great way to offer unique experiences for your employees while keeping your budget in check. At WorkTango, we’ve seen everything from “Get an Extra Day Off Work” to “Have Lunch with the CEO.”

Getting Started

From the Recognition & Rewards menu on the left side of the screen, drop down the 'Rewards' menu* and select 'Company catalog'.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 10.50.20 AM.png

From the reward catalog page, select 'Create reward'.

*Depending on your configuration, you may see 'Catalogs' for the menu instead of 'Rewards'.

Basic Setup Custom reward form.png

Enter the information required for the reward. 

There are two different reward types: individual and point pool. Individual rewards are redeemed by one employee, while a point pool allows multiple employees to contribute to collectively redeem the reward. Point pools are generally used for larger-scale rewards or those that reinforce connection across your workforce. For more information on point pools, see here

You will select the type from the 'Category' drop down.

When adding a new custom reward, you must add an image, either an image file or a direct image URL.

You can also select whether your reward will be automatically approved or require manual approval. Consider manual approval for rewards that require a back-end user to fulfill them.

Advanced Setup Advanced reward setting.png

The Advanced tab allows you to adjust the following options: 

  • Which groups can redeem the reward
  • If different variations of the reward are available
  • How much inventory you have
  • If employees get points to send when they redeem this reward
  • If a shipping address is required 

If you choose to give employees points to send when they redeem a reward, you will be prompted to enter an amount.


The settings tab allows you to adjust the following options: 

  • The reward fulfillment cost is to the company
  • If the item is taxable
  • Whether to assign a user to fulfill the reward

When you’re ready, select 'Create reward' at the bottom of the form.

Custom rewards settings.png

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