Redeeming Virtual & Physical Rewards

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Virtual/Digital Rewards

Locating Reward Details

In order to activate your digital gift card, you will need:
• The gift card code (“challenge code”)
• The URL (your redemption link)

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Soon after your purchase, you will receive an “ORDER CREATED” email. Depending on the selected reward, this “ORDER CREATED” email may contain all the information you will need in order to use your digital reward, including your “Challenge Code.”

If this email does not contain the required information, be on the lookout for a second "ORDER SHIPPED" email. This should include the necessary information to redeem for your digital reward.*

Additionally, you can find the redemption link and challenge code in the 'My Orders' section of your rewards marketplace. You can access this by clicking on 'Your Rewards' in the top right corner of your points wallet or by opening the Rewards Marketplace and clicking on the receipt icon in the top right corner. Find the order and click 'Details' on the right side under Actions.

*If you are still having trouble locating the required info, please reach out to us at or submit a request for assistance.

Using the Code and URL

Once you click on the redemption link, you will need to enter the challenge code where prompted and click 'Claim Reward' and/or 'Continue'.

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When entering your challenge code, be sure you are entering it exactly with no extra spaces. If you are copying/pasting, please be extra careful not to include extra spaces before or after the code. If it is not exact, you may be temporarily locked out from additional input attempts.

The most common issue with gift card redemption is extra spaces, so be careful when entering your code!

Accessing Your Gift Card

Upon clicking continue, you will be taken to a confirmation screen.

If your gift card is ready, you will be provided with a link you can click to redeem the gift card.

During periods of high redemption (such as the holidays), initially, the “Order Details” section might be blank, or you may receive an error message. During these times, it is normal for your final redemption link to take 24 - 48 hours to generate on this screen.

Please wait 48 hours from the time you put in the challenge code and return to this screen to access your gift card. You can return to this screen by using the same redemption link and challenge code.
If it has been over 48 hours and you are still having trouble, please reach out to us at or submit a request for help.

Depending on the gift card ordered, you may need to walk through additional steps after clicking the link to connect your card to the chosen company/brand. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to finalize your reward.

Physical Rewards

Similar to digital rewards, soon after your purchase, you will receive an “ORDER CREATED” email. You will also receive an “ORDER SHIPPED” email as your reward makes its way to you.
If tracking is available, your tracking information will be in the 'ORDER SHIPPED' email and in your order details in the rewards catalog.

See above for step-by-step instructions on how to access your order details.

These orders are fulfilled by our vendor, and we do not have exact dates. However, orders are typically shipped within 7-15 business days from when the order is placed. If you still have not received your order after the appropriate timeframe, please reach to to inquire.


I lost my email! Where can I find my reward details?

Can’t find your order emails? Fear not! All reward order information is stored in our system for easy reference. (This includes gift card codes!)

My reward is showing as "pending". What does this mean?

Your order is showing as pending? This means it is awaiting approval from an administrator at your company.

What happens if I order several gift cards in a single order?

If you order multiple gift cards within a single order, they may be nested under the same Challenge Code.

Gift cards of different denominations or different brands will each have their own unique Challenge Codes. For example, a $10 Amazon card, a $5 Starbucks card, and a $25 Amazon card will have three unique Challenge Codes.

However, if you order multiple cards of the same brand and denomination, they will all be nested under the same Challenge Code. For example, three $10 Amazon cards purchased on the same order will all share the same Challenge Code.

I get an error when I click the redemption link. What's going on?
If you receive an error message when clicking the redemption link, this may be related to your organization's network connection settings. If you receive an error when clicking your redemption link, please reach out to us directly at or submit a request for assistance!

I accidentally entered the wrong challenge code and got locked out. What should I do?

If you entered your Challenge Code incorrectly (including accidental extra spaces), you may be temporarily locked out from additional input attempts.

If this happens, you will receive an error message that will tell you when you can attempt the activation again. The lockout period varies but is generally around one hour.

I ordered a prepaid digital choice debit card. Do I need to do anything else?

Yes! If you ordered a Prepaid Digital Choice debit card, such as a MasterCard, there are some additional steps necessary to finalize your card.

After you step through the above process using your Challenge Code, you will get a second email from the solution service with the 'redemption token' token to activate your card on their site.

The 'redemption token' expires after 60 days once you have entered the challenge code.

Please make sure to whitelist the below emails to ensure you receive all notifications regarding your card:

At this point, you will also be able to choose if you would like a physical or a digital card. Please note, physical cards are subject to a small fee of $3-5 against the value of the card.*

*You MUST go through the process of redeeming the card electronically before you will have the option to select a physical card.
Prepaid cards that have successfully been claimed and activated expire after 1 year.

My redemption link is expired. What should I do?

Redemption links expire approximately 3 months after they are generated. If this happens to you, please reach out to us at or submit a request and we can help get them excited for you.

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