Drive Platform Engagement with Employee Appreciation Awards

Looking for an innovative way to drive more Recognition & Rewards program engagement? Using analytics from the WorkTango platform, you can encourage more frequent recognition in all directions by celebrating your team through Employee Appreciation Awards. These Awards highlight the most active individuals in the platform, not only boosting overall platform activity but also fostering a more appreciative, connected workplace.

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First, pick which metrics are most important for you to highlight. When choosing, consider what groups may
need more enablement or which categories might drive higher platform engagement overall. The Recognition Activity Dashboard can be used to easily find the following categories.

Employee Appreciation Award Ideas

Use the Recognition Activity Dashboard to find:

  • Most Recognition Sent - Individual
  • Most High-Fives Given - Individual
  • Most Comments Sent - Individual
  • Most Incentives Claimed - Individual

Use the Recognition Activity Dashboard and filter to find:

  • Most Recognition Sent - Leader/Manager
  • Most of [company core value attributed] Recognitions Received - Individual


Celebrate your top performers

Celebrate your top performers by providing them with an Award and by celebrating them in the WorkTango platform.

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate Award winners:

  • Send Special Recognition from the organization
  • Public recognition from HR to winners in the WorkTango platform
  • Public recognition from ELT to winners in the WorkTango platform
  • Designed digital or physical Award with winner’s name on it
  • Celebrate in company-wide meetings
  • Highlight in company-wide newsletters or memos
  • Celebrate on company social media page

It is recommended to do this award series each quarter or twice a year to continue to drive engagement in the platform and build a stronger culture of appreciation at your organization.

Benefits of Employee Appreciation Awards

  • Boosts R&R program participation
  • Boosts WorkTango platform engagement
  • Encourages connection and cross-departmental collaboration
  • Builds a stronger culture of appreciation


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