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Are you looking for innovative ways to recognize your team's hard work and foster a positive work environment? WorkTango’s Nominations & Awards feature can help you do just that.

The WorkTango platform offers a dynamic way to elevate employee engagement through the use of Nomination Forms and Recognition features. This guide will help you effectively utilize these tools to boost participation and celebrate achievements within your organization.

Launching Nomination Forms

Broadcasting the Launch: Use platform announcements to introduce new Nomination Forms. This is a great opportunity to detail the awards and kindle excitement for nominations. Enhance the announcement with exciting information about the awards to motivate your employees.

Offline Promotion: All Hands and Team Meetings Don’t limit the promotion to online platforms. Highlight the Nomination Forms in your next all-hands and team meetings for broader reach.

Encouraging Participation Using Incentives

Implement incentives to encourage more participation in nominations and awards. Ask employees to submit a screenshot of their nomination as proof to qualify for the incentive. Increase visibility by sharing direct links to the nomination forms across various internal systems.

Awarding Winners

Branding Consistency: Ensure that your icon logo and company name are up to date under Branding > Site Design in the admin dashboard.

Spotlighting Winners: Use Special Recognition to prominently announce the winners. This feature stands out with:

  •   Use of your secondary color
  •   Larger post size
  •   A congratulatory message
  •   Direct organization-wide distribution

Pinned Recognition

  • Temporarily pin recognitions at the top of the activity feed.
  • There's no limit to the number of posts you can pin.
  • Pinned Recognitions often attract extensive interactions.
  • This feature complements Special Recognition, giving winners extended visibility and acknowledgment.

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