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In today's corporate landscape, the commitment to social responsibility stands as a cornerstone of organizational ethos. Initiatives that give back not only reinforce company values but also extend a helping hand to communities in need. Explore the remarkable efforts of OneStream and Myers Industries, showcasing how their innovative Point Pool programs fostered meaningful impact while supporting crucial causes during Pride Month and in aiding disaster-stricken regions.

Unveiling the Program Magic ✨

Example 1: OneStream's Pride Month Initiative

  • OneStream launched a Pride Month Point Pool, spearheaded by their ERG, OnePride, to assist Zebra Youth, a nonprofit supporting LGBTQIA+ youth in Orlando, Florida. 
  • This initiative began by creating a dedicated Point Pool for the cause and community, followed by active engagement of the ERG and other teams to lead and mobilize widespread support.

Example 2: Myers Industries' Maui Disaster Relief Fund

  • Myers Industries conducted a Point Pool to aid a key distributor affected by the 2023 Maui fires, supporting the Maui Disaster Relief Fund.
  • They utilized the Point Pool feature to drive fundraising efforts, and leveraged its competitive advantage to inspire greater engagement and achieve impactful results.

Implementing the Cool Stuff 😎

OneStream and Myers Industries showcase the impactful use of Point Pools as a dynamic tool for charitable endeavors, spotlighting the collective power to drive meaningful change.

  • Point Pool: The centerpiece of both initiatives, allowing organizations to open charity drives or support disaster relief funds effectively.

 How to Amplify Engagement 🚀

  • Announcements Feature: Employ the Announcements Feature to highlight and draw attention to the custom reward Point Pools, encouraging enthusiastic participation.

Bonus Ideas 🎉

  • Company Match: Consider offering a company match, up to a certain dollar amount, for any Point Pool launched in the platform. Not only does it provide more incentive for employees to contribute, but it always lets them know the organization is willing to lend their financial support as well.

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