Elevating Insights: Boosting Employee Survey Participation

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Unlock the power of employee feedback with our innovative program designed to skyrocket participation in employee surveys. Discover how enhancing engagement in surveys can shape comprehensive insights and foster a workplace culture committed to continuous improvement.

Unveiling the Program Magic ✨

This article introduces the "Boost Employee Survey Participation" program, an initiative that drives survey engagement from employees as a vital tool for organizational improvement.

The program's primary objective is to elevate participation and feedback in employee surveys, enabling decision-makers to gather diverse perspectives and make informed choices for enhancing the employee experience. Here’s how it works:

  • Survey Launch: Admins launch a survey in an effort to gain insight into their employees’ sentiment.
  • Incentive Launch: Create an Incentive  to reward employees who complete the launched survey. Consider scaling the number of points earned by the time taken to submit their survey responses, rewarding those who are prompt to respond while still allowing all employees to receive points for submitting their survey responses by the deadline.
  • Program Announcement: Utilize WorkTango's communication tool, survey reminders, and any internal communication tools to announce the program and provide all the necessary details to employees. The frequency of announcements and reminders can vary based on how often the program runs throughout the year.
  • Launch Survey Kiosk: Admins can use the Survey Kiosk feature to provide additional avenues for employees to access their active surveys. This link can be housed via the Company Links section of the platform
  • Frequency: This program can be leveraged to drive participation for any survey launched year round. 

Implementing the Cool Stuff 😎

Revolutionize your survey engagement strategy with these powerful features:

  • Company Links: Integrated customers gain access to company links, enabling them to effortlessly distribute survey kiosk links to employees. This direct approach boosts survey accessibility and encourages participation.
  • Surveys Kiosk: Admins hold the reins to tailor the Kiosk landing page, incorporating additional information that aids in engaging employees and emphasizing the survey's importance.
  • Incentives: Create incentives for employees who complete surveys, acknowledging their contribution to the feedback loop and encouraging further engagement. Consider options to reward employees who respond promptly!
  • Announcements: Leverage announcements strategically to encourage and remind employees about the significance of their survey participation, fostering a culture of active engagement.

"Boost Employee Survey Participation" is more than a program; it's a pathway to comprehensive insights that fuel organizational growth. By nurturing active engagement and communication, companies can harness the collective voice of their workforce to drive positive change.

Featured Product(s): Surveys & Insights and Recognition & Rewards*

*Incentives are a great way to motivate employees to engage and participate, but not required for program launch.

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