Heartfelt Giving: Charity Point Pool with an ELT Twist

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Funnel logo.pngEmbark on a journey of compassion and collective giving with "Charity Point Pool with an ELT Twist." In this article, discover how WorkTango customer, Funnel Leasing, innovatively combines philanthropy, employee engagement, and the charisma of their Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to create a memorable and impactful experience.

Unveiling the Program Magic ✨

The "Charity Point Pool with an ELT Twist" program is not just about accumulating points; it's about making a difference in the community and having a blast while doing it. Here's how Funnel Leasing brings charity to life:

  • Admins initiate a Point Pool where the ultimate aim is to convert the points contributed into dollars for a local charity or cause close to the hearts of the employees. 
  • The Point Pool duration can vary from one to three months, offering flexibility to fit the organization's preferences. 
  • The unique twist? ELT members volunteer for exciting actions if specific point goals are met, adding an extra layer of enthusiasm.

Implementing the Cool Stuff 😎

The main feature revolves around Point Pools, the driving force behind this charitable endeavor. 

  • Point Pools: The description not only outlines the program, but can also unveil the potential fun "penalties" that ELT members might undertake if certain point goals are achieved.

How to Amplify Engagement πŸš€

To make the program even more effective and exciting, consider the following:

  • Announcements: Leverage the communication tool to announce the program and build anticipation for the ELT's potential actions. Tailor the frequency of announcements to keep the excitement alive.
  • Incentives: Launch a one-time incentive for employees contributing to the cause. Even a small incentive can act as a powerful motivator, with claims in the activity feed boosting program visibility.
  • Nominations & Awards: Create a general Point Goal, such as "ELT dyes their hair ____." Launch a Nomination form exclusively nominating ELT members, letting employees decide which ELT member will undertake the chosen "penalty."
  • Special Recognition & Pinned Recognition: After the Point Pool concludes and ELT actions take place, admins can collect employee names, creating a group recognition post. Include a picture of the ELT's "penalty" and pin the post for a week or two, reminding employees of their collective impact.

Bonus Ideas πŸŽ‰

  • Bonus: Double the fun by unveiling a second point goal! If the initial Point Goal is met swiftly, announce a second one. Now, two ELT members are in play, doubling the excitement and encouraging even more generous contributions.

Enhance the Charity Point Pool experience by incorporating images and videos. Share visuals of ELT members participating in their pledged actions, creating a heartwarming and impactful narrative while supporting a worthy cause.

"Charity Point Pool with an ELT Twist" transforms workplace giving into a memorable and community-building experience. Funnel Leasing proves that combining philanthropy, ELT engagement, and employee participation can create lasting impact and a sense of shared purpose.


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