Harnessing the Power of Recognition: How to Implement Critical Start's "Level Up Award" Using WorkTango

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Critical Start, a WorkTango customer and thought-leader, has effectively utilized Nominations & Awards through WorkTango's platform to implement its unique "Level Up Awards''. These awards serve as an exemplary model for other organizations seeking to align employee recognition with their core values and strategic goals. In this knowledge base article, we will guide you on how you can adapt this approach using Awards from WorkTango. 

The Level Up Award program is designed to mirror the company's core values and overarching mission. It exclusively acknowledges nominees who epitomize these values through exceptional contributions. Here's a step-by-step guide in getting started using WorkTango:

Step 1: Setting Up the Award Criteria

  • Define Core Values and Contribution Metrics: Use WorkTango to outline the criteria that align with your company’s core values and value creation plan.
  • Custom Nomination Forms: Create tailored nomination forms on WorkTango to ensure nominees meet the set criteria.

Step 2: Nomination and Selection Process

  • Employee Nominations: Enable employees to submit nominations directly through WorkTango.
  • HR Team Review: Use WorkTango’s filtering tools to assist your HR team in shortlisting top candidates efficiently.

Step 3: Recognition and Celebration

  • Set Up an Award Ceremony: Schedule monthly award ceremonies, or consider doing them at your pre-scheduled monthly company meetings,  where the awards can be presented and celebrated together.

Step 4: Involving the Executive Leadership Team

  • ELT Engagement: Facilitate the involvement of your ELT in the celebration and recognition process of the awards. This is important because it visibly demonstrates top-level commitment to the company's values and fosters a sense of unity and motivation across all levels of the organization.

Benefits of Implementing the "Level Up Award"

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Recognizing employees in alignment with core values boosts morale and motivation.
  • Cultural Reinforcement: Regular recognition reinforces the company's values and mission.
  • Leadership Involvement: Active participation of leadership in recognition programs fosters a culture of appreciation.

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