Celebrating Excellence: End of Quarter/Year Superlatives Awards Ceremony

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Are you seeking a fun and engaging way to celebrate your employees' achievements and boost morale at the end of the quarter or year? WorkTango presents the "End of Quarter/Year Superlatives Awards Ceremony”, which leverages the Nominations & Awards feature to create a memorable and exciting celebration. In this article, we'll guide you through the process and showcase how this program can be a game-changer for your organization.

Unveiling the Program Magic ✨

The "End of Quarter/Year Superlatives Awards Ceremony" is a unique program that uses WorkTango's Nominations & Awards feature to host a celebration of your employees' accomplishments. Here's how it works:

  • Nominations Period: Admins open nominations forms a month prior to the awards ceremony, typically during an All-Hands meeting. During this meeting, the rules, award categories, prizes, and any other relevant details are shared with the employees.
  • Diverse Award Categories: Admins have the freedom to launch a variety of award categories, ranging from "Best Dressed Award" to "Energizer Bunny Award" and more. The number and types of awards are entirely up to the admins' discretion and can be tied to company values, to reinforce actions that define your culture.
  • Employee Nominations: Employees nominate one another, providing compelling reasons for why their colleagues deserve to win specific awards.
  • Winner Selection: After the nomination period ends, admins decide on the winners. This can be based on a majority vote or admins' judgment to select the most deserving nominations.
  • Awards Ceremony: The highlight of the program is the awards ceremony, which takes place during the All-Hands meeting the following month. This is a perfect opportunity for creativity and celebrating your employees' achievements.
  • Recognition: The winners receive recognition to commemorate their award win, making it a lasting memory of their accomplishments.

This awards ceremony is a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the year, but it can also be expanded to smaller quarterly ceremonies if that better suits your organization's needs.

Implementing the Cool Stuff 😎

The implementation of the 'End of Quarter/Year Superlatives Awards Ceremony' program is a breeze, requiring just one feature to elevate your recognition efforts:

  • Nominations & Awards: This feature takes center stage and opens up the possibilities for recognizing employees' outstanding contributions.

How to Amplify Engagement πŸš€

To make your awards ceremony even more effective and exciting, consider the following: 

  • Special Recognition: After the nomination period concludes and the awards ceremony takes place, admins can send a special recognition to the winners, ensuring they remember and cherish their achievements.
  • Announcements: Utilize WorkTango's communication tool to announce the awards ceremony and provide all the necessary details. The frequency of announcements and reminders can be adjusted based on your program's schedule.
  • Incentives: To encourage participation and nominations, consider launching incentives. Even a small incentive can motivate employees to get involved, and claims in the activity feed provide additional visibility for the program.

Bonus πŸŽ‰

  • Bonus: Add an extra layer of excitement by creating a fun certificate or trophy image for each award. Including these visuals in the recognition posts adds an element of celebration and flair.

The "End of Quarter/Year Superlatives Awards Ceremony" program is a powerful tool for celebrating your employees' hard work, boosting engagement, and creating a positive workplace culture. It's a chance to recognize your team's unique qualities, contributions, and to come together as an organization to celebrate your successes.

Critical Start's Recognition Revolution  πŸ‘€

Looking for undeniable proof of effective employee recognition? Critical Start has harnessed the power of Nominations & Awards to honor their workforce, showcasing core value demonstrations through detailed submissions. Their ELT conducts monthly reviews and celebrations during All Hands meetings, granting winners $250 in points alongside a CEO-presented physical award certificate. Utilizing social media, they amplify these achievements, cultivating a vibrant company culture. Leveraging the Recognition & Rewards platform, Critical Start communicates program specifics, stimulates nominations, and considers incentives and special recognitions to enhance winners' prominence, fostering an even stronger workplace ethos.


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