Boosting Employee Engagement with “Recognition Raffle: Rewarding Top Praisers”

Are you looking for an innovative way to boost employee engagement and recognize the efforts of your hardworking team members? WorkTango presents the "Recognition Raffle: Rewarding Top Praisers" program, a fun and exciting approach to acknowledge and reward employees who actively engage in recognizing their peers. This article will provide you with all the details you need to implement this engaging initiative within your organization.

Unveiling the Program Magic ✨

The "Recognition Raffle: Rewarding Top Praisers'' is designed to leverage WorkTango's Recognition & Rewards platform to encourage employees to send recognition and create a more positive workplace culture. Here's how it works:

  • Program Announcement: Utilize WorkTango's communication tool, along with any internal communication tools to announce the program and provide all the necessary details to employees. The frequency of announcements and reminders can vary based on how often the program runs throughout the year.
  • Data Collection: Administrators gather data from the Recognition activity Dashboard to identify employees who have been actively sending recognition each month.
  • Raffle Tickets: Each month an employee actively participates in sending recognition, they earn one raffle ticket. As an extra incentive, employees who are active every month receive a bonus ticket.
  • Random Drawing: To determine the lucky winners, administrators can use a free tool like to conduct a random drawing.
  • Prizes: The winners of the raffle are rewarded with grand prizes, which can either be physical items supplied by the company or recognition within the platform, complete with a large amount of points.
  • Frequency: The raffle can be held either quarterly or annually, depending on your preferences.
  • Transparency: It's essential to ensure that the rules and guidelines for earning raffle tickets are transparent and easily accessible to all employees. One simple method could be maintaining a running tally of tickets on an Excel sheet. Share view-only access to this document and discuss it during all-hands meetings or via regular email updates. This approach ensures clear visibility, fostering excitement and attention around the raffle.

Implementing the Cool Stuff 😎

The "Recognition Raffle: Rewarding Top Praisers" program offers several key features to promote employee engagement:

  • Recognition: The primary feature encouraged by this program is recognition itself. The more often you send recognition, the better your odds of winning a prize.
  • Recognition activity Dashboard: Administrators can easily set the period for data collection and track the number of raffle tickets each employee has earned, including bonus tickets. 

How to Amplify Engagement 🚀

To make the program even more effective and exciting, consider the following: 

  • Special Recognition & Pinned Recognition: If administrators don't have physical prizes to provide, they can use Special Recognition and Pinned Recognition to make the winners stand out and enjoy the limelight for a week or two.
  • Surveys: Administrators can launch surveys to have employees voice their opinions on what the prizes should be. Provide some options and give employees the opportunity to suggest prizes you may not have considered. This not only empowers employees to feel their voices are heard but also generates more excitement about the program, as employees will likely be eager to win a reward they helped choose.

Bonus Ideas  🎉

  • Bonus Incentives: To encourage engagement, you can introduce "Bonus Tickets." Employees who recognize others consistently (e.g., 3/3 or 12/12 months) can earn bonus tickets. When employees claim the incentive, administrators can use the Recognition activity Dashboard to verify and approve the bonus tickets.
  • Bonus Tickets: Consider offering extra tickets for top performers in various recognition categories, such as Top Recognition Sender, Top High-Fiver, and Top Commenter.

The "Recognition Raffle: Rewarding Top Praisers" program is an innovative and engaging way to boost employee engagement, foster a culture of recognition, and reward your hard working team members. By implementing this program, you can create a more positive and vibrant workplace while motivating employees to actively participate in recognizing their peers.


Featured Product(s): Recognition & Rewards and Survey & Insights*

*Survey & Insights is a great way to incorporate employee voice into the program, but not required for program launch.

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