How to Create Private Groups

Private groups allow platform admins to create groups for reporting purposes only that do not show up in any other area of the platform.

To create a private group, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Admin dashboard > User Management > Groups
  2. Click ‘Add group’
  3. There is a new Private Group toggle to turn this on.

Once a group is created, this toggle will no longer be available. This means private groups cannot be made public after creation, and public groups cannot be made private after creation. If you need to change a group from private to public or vice versa, you will need to delete the group and recreate it with the correct designation.

Turning on the private group toggle enables this functionality. Private groups are not compatible with the following other features, and once you set the group to private, these fields are removed from view:

  • Group admins - Private groups can only only be administrated by full platform administrators
  • Group owners - Private groups can only be owned by full platform administrators
  • Parent group - Private groups cannot have hierarchy.

Private groups cannot be created by import. They must be manually created in the platform prior to including them in imports.

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