What Information Can I Associate with my Users?

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Required information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Login email address
  • Employee ID (if available)

Optional information:

User name Companies often use the employee’s email address for this field.
Notification email address This is the email address to which notifications (including the account activation email) will be sent. It can be the same or different than the login email address.
Manager (email or ID) Include this for all employees if you want them to roll up to the right manager. This is a must if you want to give your managers access to the manager dashboard.
Status (active, paused, inactive, or archive)

Active - for employees whom you wish to be available in WorkTango. Active employees are searchable, can send and receive points (of any kind), can access their accounts at will.

Paused - when the employee’s account (with balances) still exists, but the employee can’t log on or be recognized by others. Employees in this status are still counted in your employee count. This is often used for employees who are on a leave of absence.

Inactive - also used when uploading users for the first time in preparation for the launch of WorkTango.

Archive - will remove the employee’s access from WorkTango and they can't be recognized by others. Employees in this status are not counted in your employee count.

Group type(s) and group names You can include multiple groups for employees.
Giving Balance This is the initial allotment of points for your employees.
Redemption balance Use this if you want to give everyone a little “gift” of points to start out.
Birth Date Include the day and month if you want to use this for automatic birthday recognition.
Role You can indicate if someone is a user or a WorkTango Admin using this field.
Start Date This goes in the employee’s user info if you include it. (It’s visible when others view the employee’s profile and useful when you’re analyzing data on the back end or using automatic anniversary recognition).
Termination Date

If you include this, the employee’s record will be immediately archived (making them unable to log in to WorkTango.

*The documentation provided above is only applicable to the WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform and does not apply to our Surveys & Insights solution.

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