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WorkTango has created an integration with the Recognition & Rewards platform and Microsoft Outlook*. This configuration guide allows a customer’s IT administrator to mass or selectively deploy this integration across your user base.

How to Install Microsoft Outlook

You must have administrative privileges within Outlook to manage add-ins

1. Navigate to this link, signing in to Microsoft Admin Center, if prompted.

2. Click “Settings > Integated Apps” and then “Upload custom apps” 


3. Click “Provide link to manifest file (.xml) from device” 


4. Go to this URL within your WorkTango administrative area to copy the XML link: /admin/microsoft-outlook. The copied link should look like this:, where SUBDOMAIN is your company’s subdomain. 


6. Click “Validate” to upload the manifest, if this fails, contact WorkTango Support.

7. Click “Next”


8. Determine who will have access to the app.

  • “Just me”: Great for test-driving the app, and perhaps writing internal documentation for internal users at the company.
  • “Entire organization”: Used once the app is ready to be released company-wide.
  • “Specific users/groups”: Useful if you’d like to beta test the app with a select group of users within the company before releasing company-wide.

9. Select “Next”


10. Read about the data permissions and click “Next” 


11. Finally click “Finish deployment” 

image image


*The documentation provided above is only applicable to the WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform and does not apply to our Surveys & Insights solution.

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