SFTP Automated User Imports

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The CSV user management integration allows customers to automate the process of syncing user information between the customer’s system of record (HRIS) and WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform.* Customers are responsible for uploading the HRIS files with complete employee data, either internally or with the help of their HRIS provider.

Our integration reads a CSV file from an SFTP host and uses the data to create, update, and archive users within WorkTango.

The CSV file must be formatted without quotes.

SFTP Information and Automation


The content of this file will be derived from an export of your existing HRIS provider. To simplify the process, we recommend working with your HRIS provider to automate sending files.

HRIS providers may charge for the creation and transfer of the user data report. It can also take them time to generate this report, as it’s based on their queue. Be sure to check with your HRIS provider to understand the expected cost and timeframe for your organization.

FTP upload process

To share HRIS files, your WorkTango Implementation Manager (IM) will create a folder on a secured file transfer protocol (SFTP) portal. You will be provided with credentials and connection information to input into your FTP site. This will connect your folder to WorkTango’s in order to transfer the HRIS file. Your IM will provide you with the following information:

  • Host
  • Username
  • Password

You’ll also be given a template with the necessary fields to structure employee data. Before making the connection, we suggest sending a completed user file to your IM for review.

Once approved, you will schedule a regular upload of your file to the FTP site. The file name can be anything you’d like - the platform will run any file dropped into the FTP site, regardless of the name.

The WorkTango platform will run the file as soon as it is dropped in the FTP site. The file will be processed, then deleted from the FTP site immediately upon completion. We recommend scheduling this regular upload to happen overnight so that daily data changes are captured at the end of each day and updated prior to start of business the next day.

A Note on Unique Identifiers

Our integration works by building a profile for each user based on a static Unique Identifier, like Employee ID. This Unique Identifier allows the system to update any other data points that might change relative to the user.While we recommend using Employee ID, we recognize that sometimes our customers don’t have this data point. For those who don’t, we can use an Email address, but it must remain constant or duplicate users could be created in the system.

File Columns

The following are the standard column headers for this integration.

All required columns must be included for your file to process, however columns may be in any order.

*The documentation provided above is only applicable to the WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform and does not apply to our Surveys & Insights solution.

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